Three-point stance: Clemson more than Spiller

1. Kudos to Clemson for its first title of any sort since 1991, so long ago that Bobby Bowden finished the season with “only” 216 victories. It is a mark of the Tigers’ improvement that Virginia held Heisman candidate C.J. Spiller to 114 all-purpose yards and the Clemson still won easily, 34-21. Spiller’s candidacy may have lost some momentum but I bet he’s delighted with the result.

2. I am not surprised that Charlie Weis didn’t flinch when someone brought up his 2005 quote that finishing 6-5 isn’t good enough. Weis, the coach of a 6-5 team, agreed. But I am surprised that Weis said he wouldn’t resign. I figured he would fall on his sword as a matter of honor not to resign. Weis’s comments Sunday indicate that he considers it a matter of honor to stay on the job. On the other hand, a resignation may affect his buyout. Money ahead of honor? Naaaah.

3. If we had a playoff, which teams would be entering the postseason with momentum? My toothpicks would be on Georgia Tech, Alabama and Texas (I’d say Ohio State, too, but the Buckeyes are No. 10 and the Yellow Jackets are No. 7. Can’t both win but it would a helluva show). On the other hand, which teams look like first-round losers based on their play down the stretch? Cincinnati, Iowa and LSU.