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If you check the front of our college football page, you'll notice has done a series of social networking stories this week. I caught up with former FSU safety Myron Rolle for the last story, and he's in Orlando training for the 2010 NFL draft. He said he's leaving Sept. 26 for England.

Guess how I caught up with him? Through Facebook, of course.

On the subject of social networking, Rolle told me that somebody had set up fake MySpace pages for former quarterback Drew Weatherford and former cornerback Tony Carter.

"Honestly it wasn't Tony or Drew, and it wasn't coming from them and it was hurting them a little bit," Rolle said. "People would come up to them in person and say, 'Hey, I saw your message on MySpace,' and Drew would say, 'I don't even have a MySpace.' That right there was a little weird, but Florida State would help us with that."

That's one of the issues I didn't get to address in the story, but it's another major concern of athletic departments. is a Web site that is working to validate public profiles on Twitter. Generally speaking, the ACC -- like every other BCS conference -- doesn't have a conference-wide policy for athletes' use of these sites. Mostly, it's up to the individual coaches, compliance offices, student services and sports information directors to warn the athletes about the potential dangers of the sites.

"We don't have a particular policy in place, but we've tried to inform our student athletes to be very aware of what they're doing and to try to understand they need to represent themselves and their families and their universities in the appropriate fashion," said Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver. "There are always things that come up that you have to adapt to and be aware of and try to make sure your young people are cognizant of."

Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo deals with this subject at the first coaches' meeting of the year and at several more throughout the course of the year. BC does have a policy that prohibits student-athletes from posting photos that are racy, or depict them in BC uniform in any setting other than in athletics competition or would put them in a compromising position (such as drinking alcohol, partying, etc.).

Clemson sports information director Tim Bourret had a meeting with the football team and gave them a basic rule about their posts back in April:

"If your mother would be embarrassed to read this post as a headline in USA Today, then don't post it it. That goes for Facebook writing and picture posting."

Not enough schools in the ACC are embracing it, though. The ACC as a conference has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, but Georgia Tech is one of the few member schools that understands the publicity angle.

The sports information office has encouraged the head coaches to Twitter and provides links to those Twitter pages on their Web site. Georgia Tech "markets" its official GTAthletics Twitter page. Sports information director Dean Buchan tells me that some of the Jackets Twitter, but they are more into Facebook. However, Jonathan Dwyer will launch his Twitter page as soon as Friday.

Me? I'm still trying to figure out why people care so much when somebody else sneezes. If I were to honestly update my Twitter page, it would say little other than "blogging. Still blogging. Running. Eating. Blogging."

ACC's lunchtime links

April, 30, 2009

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Spring ball is over. The links are not: 

Miami forward Jimmy Graham confirmed to the Miami Herald that he will join Randy Shannon's team next season. 

What is going on with former Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper? Hanging up on reporters, disputing it, trying to find an NFL team? Columbia State reporter Paul Strelow managed to squeeze this little tidbit out of Harper -- he's heading to Buffalo.

Harper isn't the only ACC quarterback still living the dream. Remember Drew Weatherford? (Seems like a century ago, doesn't it?) Well, he's working out for the Chicago Bears this weekend.

Here's an update on a few undrafted FSU players who were signed as free agents, according to Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel.

Around the ACC

November, 29, 2008

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The ACC closed the regular season with a bang, not a bust. Clemson and North Carolina State both earned their bowl eligibility, and so far the league is 2-1 against the SEC with the Wake/Vandy game still in progress. (I'll check back on that one when I get back to the hotel, which won't be for a while.) Until then, here are a few thoughts from all of today's games, and what a week it was:

This was arguably the ACC's biggest win of the season, and will be even tougher to beat in the Orange Bowl. Now, that's how you represent. On the road against a ranked SEC team. If this is what Paul Johnson did in his first year, imagine how tough the Yellow Jackets will be to beat in his third, when he's brought in his own recruits. And no doubt the win over Georgia helped win some local talent over. Even without an ACC title, Georgia Tech fans have at least nine other reasons to celebrate, the latest being the biggest.

Regardless of how they did it (with defense and coaching) the Hokies deserve credit for making it to the ACC championship game again. Virginia Tech was probably the one team in the ACC that met preseason expectations, as they were picked by the media to win the division. Nobody, though, probably expected it would be this difficult. Virginia, on the other hand, ended its season with a four-game losing streak and failed to become bowl eligible for the second time in the past three years. AD Craig Littlepage stands behind his earlier statement this season that Al Groh's job is secure, regardless of how he finishes the season.

Dabo Swinney hasn't had an official interview yet for the head coaching job, but his win over rival South Carolina spoke louder than anything he probably could have said anyway. The Tigers are now bowl eligible and will be an attractive team to a lot of bowls. One of the most impressive aspects of this win is that Clemson's defense outplayed South Carolina's, which was one of the best in the SEC. Swinney made a tough call firing former offensive coordinator Rob Spence, but judging by the success they've had since that move was made, it was the right one. Of course, having a healthy offensive line and the right combination there has also made a tremendous difference.

The Wolfpack are now bowl eligible, and odds are they wind up in D.C. for the first Eagle Bank Bowl. It's hard to believe NC State entered the month 2-6. The turnaround can be attributed to the coaching staff, the health of the team, and quarterback Russell Wilson. He did it again today, throwing for two touchdowns and running for another. They racked up 439 yards against what was one of the better defenses in the ACC. While NC State made a run similar to the one it did last season, the program took another step forward by finishing the job. Last year, their four-game winning streak was marred by back-to-back losses.

Dominique Davis proved he is a capable quarterback and an accurate passer. He's good enough to win his next game, especially if he gets another outstanding performance from the defense and Montel Harris adds another 100-yard rushing performance. When the Eagles hold opponents to under 100 yards rushing like they have their past five opponents and the offense doesn't make mistakes, it's usually a winning formula. It's also a formula that doesn't bode well for the one-dimensional Hokies.

FSU coach Bobby Bowden said before this game it would be interesting to see how much they had closed the gap with their rivals. Maybe he'd rather not know. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the Gators this season. They've made their case as the best team in the country. FSU placekicker Graham Gano was the best offense the Noles had. It was another learning experience for Christian Ponder, who was benched in favor of Drew Weatherford.

The Tar Heels finally got what they needed from quarterback T.J. Yates, and were able to snap the two-game losing streak. Yates threw three touchdown passes, and the defense looked like it did a few weeks ago when Trimane Goddard intercepted a pass in the final minute to seal the win. Duke fans should still be happy with the job David Cutcliffe did this season as he brought the program back to respectability.

ACC's lunchtime links

November, 5, 2008

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  • Maryland is still uncertain of the status of ACC leading rusher Da'Rel Scott for Thursday night's game at Virginia Tech, and he's a player they can't afford to lose.
  • One of the key matchups to watch in that game will be the Terps' top playmaker, receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, against Hokies cornerback Victor "Macho" Harris, who is arguably the Hokies' top playmaker. Harris said he" can't, can't wait" to go against Heyward-Bey.
  • Florida State backup quarterback Drew Weatherford called Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper a few weeks ago to offer Harper encouragement after he was benched. Only Harper, though, has since gained his job back, and he's got some confidence heading into Tallahassee.
  • But Florida State left guard Rodney Hudson has "come a million miles" since the first time he lined up against the Tigers.
  • Virginia tailback Cedric Peerman was so determined to vote he drove over an hour to Lynchburg after he was told he was in the wrong place. There was one vote coach Al Groh didn't agree with -- an official's call in his Miami game:

"Everybody who has looked at it - everybody - men, women, children, coaches, ACC representatives, everybody says it was a good catch," Groh said. "There was only one person on the planet who didn't see it that way. I am not criticizing him; I am just saying that's the facts.

"We saw it one way, he saw it the other way [and] he had the vote."

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  • Hey Miami fans, wide receiver Khalil Jones says you're "kind of iffy" when it comes to supporting the Canes. Says you "go with the wind."
  • Clemson coach Tommy Bowden mentioned possible personnel changes during the bye week, but Willy Korn isn't one of them. And he's OK with that.
  • There's a change in FSU's quarterback situation, though. Drew Weatherford is now No. 2.
  • Surprise, surprise -- NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is back. Sooner than expected, too.
  • Virginia has Virginia Tech. Florida State has Miami. Who is Maryland's rival? (And don't say West Virginia, because they belong to Pitt).

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It's time for Al Groh to go, writes Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Paul Woody. Tommy Bowden? That's a different story.

What's the real story behind how Miami coach Randy Shannon is using Jacory Harris? Miami Herald writer Manny Navarro says it's a promise of playing time, and a fear of Harris transferring.

That's one thing FSU coaches don't have to worry about with Drew Weatherford, although he might have thought about it, had he known what was in store for him.

Boston College offensive coordinator Steve Logan knows Rhode Island provided some opportunities NC State will not -- like running the same play over and over again." That will never happen again."

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Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher breezed into the postgame interview room following the Seminoles' second straight inept offensive performance against Wake Forest, plopped into a chair and addressed what had just happened as if it were nothing more than a bad day at practice.

"We made some boo-boos," Fisher said. "We had some chances to make some plays and did some good things. No consistency, no consistency."

No offense, either.

There were three points. Five interceptions. The leading rushers were the quarterbacks. FSU averaged 3.4 yards per play. And fumbled twice.

This was no "boo-boo." This was a black eye, broken nose and busted lip on picture day.
The opportunity for Florida State to show the college football nation it took a step toward regaining respectability was thrown away with each yellow flag. It was given away with seven turnovers. And it's going to take a while to get it back.

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Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder made it all the way through the first series of the second half against Western Carolina before offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher decided to see what D'Vontrey Richardson could do in a game situation.

The better question might be what can't this duo do.

Richardson and Ponder accounted for six total touchdowns in the program's most lopsided victory in school history. Ponder threw for three touchdowns while Richardson threw one and ran for two more in the Seminoles' 69-0 romp of Western Carolina.

Granted, it was against an outmanned, overmatched opponent, but all indications are it's going to be hard for Fisher to keep both of them off the field this season.

"We'll see as how we plan on playing them," Fisher said. "There may be some situations where you might want to play D'Vontrey earlier. ... I was hoping to get him in earlier the other day, the scenario just didn't work out. We got hot so quick in the second quarter and then you didn't want to break that momentum ... You wanted to keep that fluidity of the game going and keep Christian going and get his confidence going because of the way we got on the roll and because I say we changed diapers the first quarter and then we played three.

"We'll see how that goes. He may get in earlier, but he's earned the right. He brings things to the table. Like I've said, he would be a good quarterback if he couldn't run, D'Vontrey. He can throw the ball, too. We've got to get him in there."

In addition to a 52-yard rushing touchdown, Richardson also threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Jarmon Fortson. He completed 5 of 6 passes for 57 yards. None of the quarterbacks threw an interception.

Ponder, who completed 11 of 17 passes for 196 yards, said he's got no problem sharing the spotlight.

"I'm fine with it," he said. "D'Vontrey is definitely a guy we need in this offense. He's a guy that can make a play at anytime as well. He'd be a great weapon to use. He's really earned the right to play ... I think he should be in there."

So does Fisher.

"They're different and they're the same," he said. "One is a much better runner than y'all think, and the other is a much better thrower than y'all think. They're both very multidimensional and have a lot of attributes."

The one quarterback who didn't see a lot of time was veteran Drew Weatherford, who completed 1 of 2 passes, but Ponder said the former starter has handled his new role with maturity.

"Drew's been put in a tough situation," Ponder said. "He's been a very supportive guy throughout this whole thing. He's helped me. He's always a team-first guy."

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In the week leading up to his game against Florida, Miami coach Randy Shannon downplayed the effect the game might have on recruiting, but even in the loss, he had young players calling him, telling him they're excited to come to Miami. While Shannon didn't come right out at say it, he hinted that Urban Meyer's decision to kick a late field goal and run up the score in the fourth quarter might have helped his cause:

''I'll just say this one statement," Shannon told reporters. "Sometimes when you do things, and people see what type of person you really are, you turn a lot of people off. Now, whatever you want to get out of that, I won't say it again. But it helped us. It helped us more than you'll ever know."

Miami wasn't the only program that saw impressive performances from freshmen on Saturday.

The Seminoles could certainly use some help with their depth at running back, and freshman Jermaine Thomas wanted the staff to know "they could count on a freshman."

Bobby Bowden, though, wants his freshmen to realize they were just chompin' on baby food in the season opener, and they "ain't ready for steak," yet.

He was pleased with the quarterbacks, though, and Christian Ponder should start his second straight game this Saturday against Chattanooga. Drew Weatherford will be "sitting there as a fireman just in case."

Boston College quarterback Chris Crane didn't exactly shine in his ACC debut against Georgia Tech, and the sack in the end zone didn't help his cause much. Still aboard the "Crane Train?"

NC State will be able to count on quarterback Russell Wilson this weekend against Clemson as he returns from a concussion just in time for the Pack's league opener.

The Tigers, however, might be without starting left tackle Chris Hairston, who was injured in a moped accident.

Virginia Tech's "Macho" Harris still isn't 100 percent, but that didn't stop him from leveling a Furman receiver. Hey, somebody had to pay for his misery last week.

Even with Cedric Peerman and Mikell Simpson, Virginia averaged 2.4 yards on 38 carries against Richmond. Much of that can be attributed to the offensive line still being a work in progress.

The defense, though, had a few things to brag about -- six sacks included.

Just how rare was Wake Forest's game-winning field goal against Ole Miss? Believe it or not, it was the first of its kind in 35 years.

Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen wasn't thrilled with his team's performance against Middle Tennessee State and might make a few changes as a result. He had to "marinate" over it, Sunday night.

The Terps looked like they regressed last weekend, and it's only going to get tougher with Cal coming to town.

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The ACC didn't do too much to hurt itself this week (7-2 against nonconference opponents), but then again, it's not like Saturday was filled with highlight-worthy performances, either (See: Virginia, Maryland, NC State -- they booed Daniel Evans for crying out loud and third-stringer Harrison Beck had to beat William & Mary).

Here's a look at what Week 2 revealed:

1. Miami is close but not quite: Randy Shannon has a talented, young team that's headed in the right direction, as evidenced by the first half against Florida. Youth and inexperience were factors in this game, but it was closer than the score indicated. If it weren't for two errors on special teams, Florida might not have scored in the first half. Miami's 16-play drive that took 8:42 off the clock and ended in a field goal is evidence this team can move the ball on anyone. This could be a foreshadowing of a surprise team in the Coastal Division, but the Canes will obviously have to earn more than 1.6 yards per carry and do a better job of protecting Marve. Otherwise, look out for No. 2.

2. Once modest expectations are growing for Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets got their first ACC road win and helped Wake Forest and Clemson in the process by knocking off Atlantic Division foe Boston College. With its 2-0 start, Georgia Tech is in the lead and should only get better. It will have to, because the Eagles won't always be able to get away with three fumbles. These were two similar teams, both in transitions on offense and depending on defense. The difference was Georgia Tech's front four, and the grit and determination the offense showed. As long as those factors don't disappear, the coaching should take care of the rest.

3. Florida State has two quarterbacks: And neither of them are named Drew Weatherford. The veteran threw the ball just twice while the future of the program stole the show. Christian Ponder and D'Vontrey Richardson accounted for six total touchdowns and no interceptions. Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher made the right call with Ponder, who played nearly flawless in his debut. But Richardson will make it difficult to keep him off the field. His 68 yards rushing on four carries added another dimension to the game. (The quarterbacks probably got a little help, though, from their offensive line, which didn't allow a sack all night). Yes, it was against Western Carolina, but how many ACC teams have we seen handle a weak nonconference opponent the way they're supposed to -- with ease?

4. Virginia Tech might just have one quarterback: Sean Glennon said "a red flag went off" in his mind as he watched Tyrod Taylor play drive after drive from the sideline in the second half against Furman. We already knew Taylor could help this team out with his mobility, but weren't quite sure how well it would sit with Glennon or how they two would be used. Turns out they used Taylor more. He got 39 snaps to Glennon's 22. Better late than never, right? Unfortunately for Glennon, it might be too late. Coach Frank Beamer said he's not ready to talk about how he might use both of them against Georgia Tech, but the fact Glennon was used less against a Division I-AA opponent should give him every reason to be "a little concerned."

5. Maryland's not a sleeper: It's asleep: The Terps were the ACC's lone embarrassment on Saturday, as they fell to Middle Tennessee State. (Hey, at least UVA won). There were missed assignments, the quarterbacks couldn't hit open receivers, and the defense was on the field for too long because it couldn't stop the 5-yard short patterns. (Maryland's time of possession was 20:11, its lowest since 2002 against Notre Dame). Maryland has something to fix in every phase of the game. Kicker Obi Egekeze is now 0-for-4 on his field goals this season and has missed five straight dating back to the 2007 Emerald Bowl. The Terps finally have a 100-yard rusher and a backup and only carried the ball 19 times.

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Let's start in Tallahassee, where Jimbo Fisher named Christian Ponder his starting quarterback on Wednesday. And yes, Drew Weatherford was disappointed. But Fisher had a "gut feeling" about Ponder. He also had several other reasons. Still, it sounds like more than one quarterback might play in Saturday's season opener against Western Carolina. And the second name Fisher mentioned wasn't Weatherford.

That's where most of the attention in the league was Wednesday evening, but there is plenty to talk about elsewhere:

Ponder to start for FSU

September, 3, 2008

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The verdict is in -- Christian Ponder is Florida State's new starting quarterback.

Just as importantly, this is Jimbo Fisher's quarterback. It was his call, and both he and Ponder are the future of this program.

That said, you better believe Fisher's going to pick the player he thinks gives the Seminoles the best opportunity to win football games -- even if it doesn't sit well with veteran QB Drew Weatherford.

I haven't heard from Jimbo yet, but when I do, I'll obviously get back to this topic with his take on it.

ACC anticipation

August, 27, 2008

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I thought this top 25 list was going to be difficult, but as it turns out, there are a gazillion things I can't wait to see in the ACC this season -- Chief Osceola and Renegade included. But this year, the quarterbacks top the list.

I can't wait to see ...

1. Miami quarterback Robert Marve in his first collegiate start against Florida. First there was the car accident. Then the suspension. Can we please get an official snap now?

2. Boston College quarterback Chris Crane. Finally. Let's watch what he can do and stop talking about the other guy.

3. Who will wind up as Florida State's most consistent starting quarterback. It was Drew Weatherford's job to lose this summer, but Christian Ponder and D'Vontrey Richardson both have Jimbo Fisher thinking too much.

4. Maryland third-string quarterback Josh Portis. So much hype, so little action. Not this season. After spending the past two years on the scout team, we finally get to see what this speedy transfer from Florida can do.

5. Which Miami freshman is going to have the most impact. There are so many to choose from, on both sides of the ball, including the two who are in the starting lineup for Thursday's season opener against Charleston Southern -- quarterback Jacory Harris and defensive end Marcus Robinson.

6. James Davis and C.J. Spiller try and get through B.J. Raji, Ron Brace, and the other guys in the Eagles' front seven. BC's defense should be even better than it was in 2007, and Thunder and Lightening only rushed for a total of 62 yards against them last year.

7. Macho Harris as a receiver. He switched to offense for a part of the spring, and the Hokies certainly could use him there, but will they?

8. Jacoby Ford used on a reverse in the same game he takes a kickoff or punt return all the way back. He's super fast, athletic and can be used just about anywhere on the field. Let's see it.

9. An upset -- I don't care who it is, and I don't care when it happens. That could mean Clemson shocking somebody in the postseason, or it could mean NC State shocking Clemson. Clemson losing to Wake? Not a shocker.

10. Georgia Tech QB Josh Nesbitt throw it. It's bound to happen sooner or later, and don't think the receivers were standing around at practice this summer gossiping.

11. James Franklin calling the plays. Go deep, Hey-Bey. The offense should be more fun to watch as long as the staff doesn't get caught up in Jordan Steffy throwing five-yard passes.

12. Michael Johnson absolutely flatten somebody. He hasn't started a game yet, but the Yellow Jackets' new defensive scheme will free him up to rush from the edge.

13. Preston Parker take one home. Sure, he's suspended for two games, but this guy is a playmaker. I saw what he did at Maryland last year in his first shot at tailback and would love to see more.

14. The Wake Forest defense score 11 touchdowns. Hey, they scored 10 last year. OK, so the odds of this happening are slim to none, but this defense is still one of the most exciting to watch because of its playmaking potential.

15. Butch Davis' return to Coral Gables. Davis' coaching ties make for a good subplot, but so does the fact that the Tar Heels beat these guys last season.

16. Al Groh in a good mood. Too bad I'm heading to the season opener. Odds are Charlottesville is a happier place around Week 10. Then again, maybe not.

17. NC State get a break that doesn't involve a body part. These guys are due for one. It's not the third-string left tackle that gets hurt for these guys, either, it's their leading rushers and receivers. I want to see what the Pack can do at 100 percent.

18. Thaddeus Lewis after a summer of instruction from some former SEC coaches. He was the third best QB in the league before he started taking advice from a coach that tutored the Manning brothers.

19. The return of NC State tight end Anthony Hill. This guy is a veteran playmaker, and after missing last season with a torn ACL, he's ready to rock.

20. The Blue Devils win more than one game. These guys have put in way too much work this summer not to.

21. The Tar Heels defense under Everett Withers. The first-year defensive coordinator is the first to admit his Minnesota defense last year was "awful." What can he do with the talent on the Tar Heels' roster?

22. Frank Beamer's hip-hop dance. I missed it last year after the Hokies won the ACC title. Then again, they've got to win it again in order for another show.

23. The Euro kicker make his first field goal against USC. Yannick Reyering has never played a game of football in his life, and here he is starting against USC. Fun.

24. Jim Grobe explain his gameplan to the well-to-do fans in Deacon Tower an hour before kickoff against Clemson. If only I were a well-to-do sports reporter ...

25. The inside of the Esso. I've heard a lot about this place, but didn't get a chance to go there this summer. I was too busy running down some hill.

Posted by's Heather Dinich

Mornin' ACC fans. Sorry for the delay this morning and the abbreviated version, but I'm on the road again and the Internet in the airport is slow. Heading out to Boston College.

We'll get to the Eagles in a second, but the most important thing to keep an eye on is at Florida State. What do the Seminoles have to hide? Apparently, a lot.

Yes, that topic will eventually be revisited.

Back to the Eagles.

You might question their offense, but there's no need to question the Boston College defense, especially now that 325-pound defensive tackle B.J. Raji is ready to rumble. And don't forget about Brian Toal, who had a brief scare Tuesday for a "spasm of the trapezius."

In Miami's final scrimmage of the summer -- which was closed to the public and media -- the offense was ahead of the defense, mainly because of a receiver namedLeonard Hankerson, who caught three touchdown passes.

About 5,000 FSU season tickets are still up for grabs, and there are obvious reasons for it.

Will six lucky pennies mean six wins for Duke? Probably not, but David Cutcliffe thinks he has a good football team. The possibilities are endless, but only one scenario is realistic this season.

Drew Weatherford's roller coaster of a career is coming to an end, but will that time come before he's ready? Here's a breakdown of the Seminoles' quarterbacks.

OK I'll be on a plane and in a car for a few hours, but check back later.

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Let's start with the Terps, since the news of their latest quarterback, Jordan Steffy, had fans absolutely losing their minds on the message boards Monday.

Chris Turner wasn't available to talk to the media on Monday, which is completely understandable considering his father said the family was "shell-shocked." And no, that's not some clever Terrapin marketing scheme that might suggest team unity.

The staff yesterday spoke about how it had all of the statistical data to name Steffy Maryland's starter for this season, but if you're looking for numbers to compare Steffy and Turner, check out this chart.

Regardless of the numbers, coach Ralph Friedgen wants to make sure he has credibility with his team for rewarding the best practice players.

While the competition is over in Maryland, NC State's trio of quarterbacks have one more scrimmage -- today -- to impress Tom O'Brien. This is nothing new for Daniel Evans.

It is a somewhat unusual situation, though, for Miami, where no matter which quarterback Randy Shannon chooses, none of them will have taken a snap in a college game. So far, all indications are that Robert Marve is the frontrunner. No surprise there.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden can't remember the last time he had three quarterbacks take reps with the first team during a scrimmage -- until Saturday, that is.

Not only does Drew Weatherford have Christian Ponder pushing him, but it's now official: D'Vontrey Richardson is equally in the mix.

At North Carolina, it's not about the quarterback anymore. It's about T.J. Yates wanting to win the close games this season instead of watching them slip away. Caulton Tudor says this is the first season for Butch Davis to correct the program's past mistakes.

Speaking of past mistakes ... did first-year Virginia defensive coordinator Bob Pruett make a big one? Pruett is being accused of academic fraud and overpayment of players while head coach at Marshall.

Just what Al Groh needs right now ... although it's not like he doesn't have any playmakers. And, Groh might find some help this season in wide receiver Cary Koch.

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer needs all the help he can get at wide receiver after losing Zach Luckett.

Not that Clemson coach Tommy Bowden needs another running back this season, but highly touted freshman Jamie Harper was going to add to this year's offense -- before he put on a walking boot for his low ankle sprain. Will he be ready to go against Alabama?

Miami receiver Jermaine McKenzie is ready to stay healthy and play some football.

Like just about every other coach in the league, Jim Grobe is trying to add depth to his offensive line. And just like O'Brien, he stole a player from the defense to do it.