3-point stance: Sumlin nabs more talent

1. What’s impressive about Scottsdale, Ariz., quarterback Kyle Allen's commitment to Texas A&M on Monday is a) head coach Kevin Sumlin, given the goods to sell in the big-time, is making sales; b) Sumlin is not only recruiting top talent, but doing so outside of Texas and the SEC footprint; c) Allen, no Johnny Manziel clone, realized that pocket passers (Case Keenum) can excel in Sumlin’s offense.

2. Corvallis native Mike Riley played football at Alabama, where his uncle coached the basketball team. Riley, starting his 13th season at Oregon State, turned down an overture from his alma mater years ago. “When you’re talking about jobs like that, you can’t orchestrate (them),” Riley said. “So I went after some and missed out on some or didn’t take some. ...Those decisions were more about my family and where we really wanted to finish raising our kids. I’m just guessing now because I haven’t lived it, but it’s hard to live the life that I have in Corvallis if you were the head coach of an SEC school.”

3. In 1970, new Clemson coach Hootie Ingram wanted to jazz up the football program so he ordered a new logo. Local advertising man John Antonio had seen every kind of cartoon tiger he could stand. He wrote to the Museum of Natural History in Chicago and asked for a cast of tiger paw. The rest is Clemson -- and sports marketing -- history. When you think of all the paw logos in sports, think of Antonio. He died last Thursday at age 83.