NCF Nation: Marv Cook

The official 2012 FBS ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame selection is out, and it includes 15 former Big Ten players, one former Big Ten coach as well as five former Nebraska and Penn State players who didn't compete in the league.

Let's take a look at the group:
  • Trev Alberts, LB, Nebraska, 1990-93*
  • Erick Anderson, LB, Michigan, 1988-91
  • Otis Armstrong, RB, Purdue, 1970-72
  • Larry Burton, SE, Purdue, 1973-74
  • Dave Butz, DT, Purdue, 1970-72
  • Marv Cook, TE, Iowa, 1985-88
  • Eric Crouch, QB, Nebraska, 1998-2001*
  • D.J. Dozier, RB, Penn State, 1983-86*
  • Jumbo Elliott, OT, Michigan, 1984-87
  • Dave Foley, OT, Ohio State, 1966-68
  • Tommie Frazier, QB, Nebraska, 1992-95*
  • Kirk Gibson, WR, Michigan State, 1975-78
  • Tim Krumrie, DL, Wisconsin, 1979-83
  • Robert Lytle, RB, Michigan, 1974-76
  • Tom Nowatzke, FB, Indiana, 1961-64
  • Jim Otis, FB, Ohio State, 1967-69
  • Orlando Pace, OT, Ohio State, 1994-96
  • Percy Snow, LB, Michigan State, 1986-89
  • Lorenzo White, RB, Michigan State, 1984-87
  • Steve Wisniewski, G, Penn State, 1985-88*
  • Darryl Rogers, coach, Michigan State, 1976-79 (also coached at Cal-State Hayward, Fresno State, San Jose State and Arizona State)

*-played for team not in Big Ten

The 2012 Hall of Fame class will be announced May 15 and inducted Dec. 4.

Selection criteria:
To be eligible for the ballot, players must have been named a First Team All-America by a major/national selector as recognized and utilized by the NCAA for their consensus All-America teams; played their last year of intercollegiate football at least ten years prior; played within the last 50 years and cannot be currently playing professional football. Coaches must have coached a minimum of 10 years and 100 games as a head coach; won at least 60 percent of their games; and be retired from coaching for at least three years. If a coach is retired and over the age of 70, there is no waiting period. If he is over the age of 75, he is eligible as an active coach. In both cases, the candidate's post-football record as a citizen may also be weighed.

It's a strong group from the Big Ten, and you can definitely expect to see some names announced May 15. It's interesting to see several clusters of nominees from certain eras, like the three Purdue players from the early 1970s, the two Penn State players from the mid 1980s, the two Ohio State players from the late 1960s and the two Michigan State players from the mid to late 1980s.

The RichRod racket seems to have quieted down a bit. Here's a look around the league this morning:

  • Ohio State's new ticket lottery policy isn't going over well with many alums. Seniority is out and fairness might be in, but the moaning and groaning can be heard in C-Bus.
  • Former Ohio State recruit Devon Torrence is hoping to land a roster spot elsewhere after being cleared of juvenile rape charges. Ohio State pulled its scholarship offer to Torrence in January.
  • Missed this one from a few days ago. Purdue coach-in-waiting Danny Hope is putting his Florida roots to good use on the recruiting trail. Hope looks the part in West Lafayette -- he even sports the 'stache practically required by each member of Joe Tiller's staff -- but he was born in Gainesville and attended high school in Miami.
  • OK, I lied. We're not completely finished with Rodriguez and West Virginia. An interesting question was broached after Wednesday's settlement: What about John Beilein? The Michigan basketball coach didn't get any help from his new employer to pay his $1.5 million buyout for leaving West Virginia. Wonder what he thought of Michigan shelling out for RichRod? Interestingly enough, Bob Fitzsimmons, the attorney who helped Beilein reduce his buyout by $1 million, was on West Virginia's side in the dispute with RichRod. Here's what he had to say: "They are two separate contracts, with different provisions and different language. I can't talk specifically about Coach Beilein's situation, but it worked out very amicably. We agreed upon the results and everybody moved on. That's the way these things should be handled."
  • Former Patriots All-Pro tight end Marv Cook, a two-time first-team All-Big Ten selection and a consensus All-American in 1988, has been named to Iowa's Hall of Fame.