Nick Chubb goes into beast mode ... again

Nick Chubb is at it again, folks.

After showing off that ridiculous vertical of his back in May, Chubb decided to show that he also has a little spring -- and strength -- in his upper body as well during a blocking drill.

What starts off as a normal drill with players holding medicine balls and acting like walls for Georgia's freshman running back to try and break through ends terribly for junior fullback Merritt Hall, who gets absolutely embarrassed. In the Vine below, you can see Chubb explode into Hall and lift him off one foot and flailing into the ground. Chubb's force clearly caught Hall off guard, but it was also just a filthy hit. That's full beast mode by the frosh.

It's clear that Chubb has the strength and athleticism for anyone to get excited about. Todd Gurley is the man in Georgia's backfield, followed by Keith Marshall. This much is true, but Chubb is going to get his time this fall. You don't jump like he does or hit like he does and not find a spot on the field.

He's gonna be fun to watch.