3-point stance: Elections and the BCS

1.If 11 of the 16 postwar presidential elections are any measure -- and that’s a 68.75 percentage -- then the national champion will come from a state that voted for the winning candidate. Alabama, Kansas State and Notre Dame (Indiana) are in states expected to vote for Gov. Mitt Romney. Oregon is expected to vote to re-elect President Barack Obama. Consider this: only twice in the past eight elections -- 1996 and 2008 -- has Florida voted Democratic. In both years, the Florida Gators finished No. 1.

2.With close losses only to No. 6 Florida and No. 7 LSU, No. 15 Texas A&M has overcome the difficulty of a new conference and an unfamiliar opponent every week. “In a weird way, it’s helped our energy level,” Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin said. “Our players are excited to go play. Now,” he said, laughing, “that may change when Bear Bryant starts talking.” The Aggies play at No. 1 Alabama, where a pregame video of the legendary coach sets off the crowd. Sumlin plans to keep his team in the locker room as long as possible.

3.I am a firm believer that a coach shouldn’t consult his go-for-two chart until late in the game. A premature chase of one point can dig a hole that a team never escapes. With Texas Tech trailing Texas 24-22 in the third quarter, Red Raider head coach Tommy Tuberville tried to tie the game. The try failed, and Tech lost, 31-22. Tuberville said at his news conference Monday that he did it to chase momentum. “We also thought that, hey, we need to let these players know we're trying to win the game,” Tuberville said.