Oral history: Alabama-Ole Miss 2014 -- Senquez Golson's prayer INT

When Ole Miss' Senquez Golson, left, intercepted a pass intended for Alabama's O.J. Howard last season, it clinched an historic victory for the Rebels. Joe Murphy/Getty Images

The scene: A brisk October evening in Oxford, Mississippi. A raucous crowd of 61,826 anxiously awaits what the final, nail-biting 37 seconds of regulation hold as No. 11 Ole Miss leads No. 3 Alabama 23-17.

The play: Alabama quarterback Blake Sims lines up in the shotgun at Ole Miss' 32-yard line on second-and-13. He sees tight end O.J. Howard streaking down the middle of the field and launches the ball. Ole Miss defensive backs Cody Prewitt and Senquez Golson have double-coverage on Howard late and Goslon snatches the pass away from Howard, making a tip-toe interception in the back of the end zone. It was originally ruled incomplete because the back judge thought Golson stepped out of bounds, but the call was overturned, clinching an historic win for the Rebels.

Ole Miss defensive back Mike Hilton (from the field): "My first reaction was did he catch it and was he in bounds. Once I saw the replay, it was all joy. He was just back there and made a heck of a play. He really changed the program with that one play and that win. It was a play we called "Phoenix." It's just a deep coverage zone and we called it at the right time and Senquez made a heck of a play. ... It was late in the game and they just took a shot, which nobody was expecting. To see Senquez go up and make that play and see it on the jumbo board and see how the crowd erupted, it was a great feeling."

Hilton immediately ran over to the ref after the initial call ...: "I went over there begging to the refs like, 'I think he got his foot in. I think he got his foot in.'"

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze (from the sideline): "Well, the initial play was ruled out of bounds. As a coach on the sidelines, you have no idea if that's the case or not. I know that [Golson] came out with the ball very quickly looking dead at me, basically wanting me to challenge that. He felt very confident that he was in, but most kids do, so you're not exactly sure what to feel at that time. You knew that they would review and seeing it on the replay, I remember feeling very confident that this thing's going to get overturned and we're a couple snaps away from knocking off one of the great programs in the country. It was a pretty good feeling."

Alabama coach Nick Saban (from the sideline): "We were going two-minute [drill] and I remember it well ... We had the ball at the [32-yard-line] and there were, I don't know, 40 seconds to go in the game, something like that. We took a shot and the guy was open early and we kind of threw it late. The corner did a great job of recovering and overlapping and made a great play. It's a point we wish we had back and I'm sure Blake wishes he had it back. When you call plays and they don't work, you wish you would have done something else and that's always the case. We had a chance on the play and we just didn't execute it like we needed to and they made a great play on it."

Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell (from the sideline): "The Senquez play was really a dream come true. Making a big play in the biggest quarter -- fourth quarter -- I was really excited. It was something that we all didn't expect. I saw O.J. Howard sprinting up the seams and we saw the ball in the air and all you can do is watch the ball. Out of nowhere, Senquez comes in, jumps over his back and makes one of the biggest plays I've ever seen. To actually get his foot down [in bounds], all of it was overwhelming -- the review, waiting for the call. Once we saw him get his foot down, it was really something that we really wanted and worked for that year. ... I really don't remember what I did [after the review]. I was probably just running down the sideline. It was just one of those plays."

Alabama center Ryan Kelly (from the field): "I try not to remember the pass too much. I obviously don't forget things that happened in that game. We don't think we played our best game, shot ourselves in the foot multiple times."

Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones (from the sideline): "I just know the offense was trying to make a play. I'm not really sure what type of routes they were running, it looked like some type of Seattle [play] that they ran off or something like that. It was a tough play. Blake tried to fit it in there a little too long and Senquez made a good play. ... That's how most of those tough, back-and-forth games end. They don't always end the way you want it, but it's going to come down to the ball bouncing the right away from somebody else sometimes. It wasn't a perfect ball and they made the play they needed to make."