Lesson learned: Don't take Urban Meyer's parking spot

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Don't cross the boss at Ohio State.

According to a picture posted Monday by Buckeyes running back Warren Ball, taking Urban Meyer's parking spot outside of the practice facility on campus is an invitation to get trapped until he's ready to call it a day.

Even the relatively more relaxed version of Meyer that took over the Buckeyes following his tenure with Florida isn't likely to cut a work day short even in the offseason, so anybody who was guilty of parking in his spot might want to get comfortable and plan to stay at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for a while.

Based on the evidence provided by Ball, there were plenty of other options available in the lot. Somebody appears to have learned a hard lesson that won't be soon forgotten, and at the same time a warning also was passed along for the rest of the Buckeyes by a teammate who was on hand to see the punishment.