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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Q&A: 2014 OL Brad Lundblade

By Bob Przybylo

Coaching changes can mean a lot of things for recruits. For Argyle (Texas) Liberty Christian offensive guard Brad Lundblade, it meant starting all over with Oklahoma.

Lundblade, who is 6-foot-4 and 285 pounds, was starting to develop a strong bond with former OU offensive tackles coach Bruce Kittle before Kittle was unexpectedly let go by OU last month.

Out was Kittle and in is Bill Bedenbaugh. Lundblade had a chance to talk to Bedenbaugh on the phone, but he wanted to meet the new coach so he took an unofficial visit to OU last week followed by a visit to Tulsa.

The OU visit was nice, but the Tulsa visit earned him an offer. North Texas is his other offer, but he’s hearing from several Big 12 schools.

SoonerNation: What were your impressions of OU’s spring practice?

Brad Lundblade: The tempo and intensity was so different from high school. I expected it to be more intense, but you never fully realize just how it’s going to be until you’re there.

SN: Obviously you had built that rapport with Kittle, but what is it like with Bedenbaugh now?

Lundblade: I like him a lot. I think he’s a really good coach. I wanted to see how he interacts with the players, and he has a great relationship with those guys. I really like his simple approach to coaching.

SN: Did you get a lot of one-on-one time with Bedenbaugh?

Lundblade: Not a lot, but I did get some. I was able to sit in a meeting with him and watch him work. We didn’t talk about an offer or anything like that. They said they would definitely keep in contact with me.

SN: With your size right now, what position are most schools looking at you for?

Lundblade: Offensive guard or center. It doesn’t really matter to me but those are the two positions.

SN: Any chance you might grow into an offensive tackle?

Lundblade: I don’t know. My dad is 6-7 so I don’t know. I could grow some more or I might just stay where I’m at right now.

SN: OU and Tulsa in the books, what’s next on your spring agenda?

Lundblade: I’m going to try to hit a Baylor practice later this month. I’m not sure on others, but I know I’m going to go to Oklahoma State’s spring game.

SN: So was touring the state of Oklahoma a good way to spend spring break?

Lundblade: It was. I had a great time at OU and then at Tulsa the next day. I felt very comfortable at both places. I don’t have a set time for when I want to make a decision. If an offer comes around that is too good to pass up, I’ll know. I’m still figuring it all out.