Notre Dame sends out its annual pot of gold recruiting package

The past few years Notre Dame has sent out recruiting packages to prospects it calls a pot of gold. The package has been different in past years, typically including a plethora of mailers, pictures and messages.

This year’s package is 24 faux scratch-off lottery tickets that reveal different messages and pictures personalized to the recruit.

Offensive line commit Liam Eichenberg shared pictures of the pot of gold he received on Saturday.

Some of the tickets had instructions to scratch off the decals to win a scholarship or a hidden message. One even had a picture of Eichenberg in a jersey.

The 24 letters in this year’s version pale in comparison to past packages and the amount of mail sent to the recruits. In 2013, Notre Dame sent out 477 letters to each recruit that included handwritten letters.

The 2015 class received 244 gold coins with various messages and statistics.

While there is less mail going out this year, the creativity and positive response from the prospects has not decreased at all.