Scouts: Hogs get local boost

Things have not gone particularly smooth for Arkansas this offseason, but when things are not going well you need your base to stick behind you and the Razorbacks got a sign today that that seems to be the case as three prospects from local Fayetteville High School committed to the hometown program.

That trio of commitments included one from talented four-star quarterback Austin Allen, a big pick up for Arkansas. All-SEC QB Tyler Wilson will be a senior this season and the Razorbacks did not sign a quarterback in this past class so bringing Allen on board was key as they start to build towards the future. Allen, a top-twenty pocket passer prospect is a good fit for a Razorbacks program that likes to throw the ball around the yard and while there is a new head coach that shouldn’t change at least in the near future with Paul Petrino still running the offense and John L. Smith now at the helm.

With Allen, whose older brother Brandon was the last QB they signed, you get a player with some similar qualities to current starter Wilson. The 2013 prospect has a nice quick release with the ability to throw the ball with touch. Has some deceptive athleticism that allows him to be able to move around the pocket and buy time when needed. Where he may start to differ some from Wilson is in arm strength and Allen may be a little more of a rhythm and timing guy with not quite the vertical arm to drive the ball with RPM's. Overall, Allen is smart and savvy player who may not be elite in any one area, but is good in many and can develop into a very productive college quarterback and if some more changes should come he displays enough ability to be able to adjust to some changes in scheme.

While the score at quarterback is the big news, the Razorbacks also added some defensive help with commitments from top twenty outside linebacker prospect Brooks Ellis and safety Alex Brignoni (not yet evaluated). The Razorbacks need to add some youth to their outside linebacker corps and four-star Ellis does that. He is a tough and active player who demonstrates the tools to develop into a defender who can be productive playing against the run and pass and he should be able to contribute well on special teams especially in the early going. A good day for Arkansas who has seen their fair share of bad days this spring.