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Monday, May 26, 2014
History of Patriots and keeping 3 QBs

By Mike Reiss

The New England Patriots' official website is asking the question "Is three quarterbacks a crowd?"

The question is a follow-up on Bill Belichick's remarks that the Patriots aren't really that interested in trading No. 2 quarterback Ryan Mallett. With the team drafting Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round (62nd overall), and with Tom Brady entrenched as the starter, it sets up a scenario in which the club will likely carry three quarterbacks in 2014.

With this in mind, here is a look at the team's history at the quarterback position under Belichick:

2013: 2 (Brady/Mallett)
2012: 2 (Brady/Mallett)
2011: 3 (Brady/Brian Hoyer/Mallett)
2010: 2 (Brady/Hoyer)
2009: 2 (Brady/Hoyer)
2008: 3 (Brady/Cassel/Kevin O'Connell)
2007: 3 (Brady/Cassel/Matt Gutierrez)
2006: 2/3 (Brady/Matt Cassel -- Testaverde/mid-year)
2005: 3 (Brady/Cassel/Doug Flutie)
2004: 3 (Brady/Rohan Davey/Jim Miller)
2003: 3 (Brady/Davey/Damon Huard)
2002: 3 (Brady/Davey/Huard)
2001: 3 (Drew Bledsoe/Brady/Huard)
2000: 4 (Bledsoe/John Friesz/Michael Bishop/Brady)