New York Giants: Dan DePalma

DePalma willing to play DB if needed

August, 6, 2012
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Wide receiver Dan DePalma is willing to do whatever it takes to make the team. He’s even offered to play cornerback.

“I will do anything on the field that I can,” said DePalma, who spent last year on the practice squad as an undrafted free agent. “If it means in nickel or safety or they need a spot for that, I will learn some defense. I will play offense, special teams; I will do whatever I have to do to fill a spot on the team.”

DePalma played cornerback his first year at Division II West Chester in Pennsylvania before switching to wide receiver.

“So it is not anything out of the realm of possibility,” he said. “Just teach me and put me out there and I will do it to the best of my ability. I am hoping to perform well enough in camp so that they don’t have that tough decision but if all else fails, I am just happy to be a part of this organization.”

The 5-foot-11, 192-pound receiver drew praise from coaches and players last year after playing the role of Wes Welker to help the team prepare for the Super Bowl.

“And I think it definitely helped our defense out,” DePalma said. “He didn’t really make many plays one-on-one against Antrel [Rolle]. He locked him down for the majority of the game. In my mind, I think I had accomplished my job and hopefully that will open some eyes. I know the coaches saw it on film in practice every day so that I hope that they realize I put the work in and am ready to step up to the next level.”

He also mimicked Julian Edelman as a defensive back.

DePalma sat out most of the spring after offseason hip surgery but said there have been no complications and he has been “100 percent every day.” The New Jersey native has made several nice catches throughout training camp, including a tough grab along the sideline Saturday.

ALBANY, N.Y. –- Tom Coughlin liked what he saw in the Giants’ third practice of camp.

It was hot and the sun came out and some wide receivers and linebackers showed that this team has depth. Here are some highlights from Day Three’s practice:

The backup wide receivers caught a lot of balls today. Isaiah Stanback caught several passes and really the only negative part of his day was one drop.

Fellow backup David Douglas also showed sure hands and caught several passes, including a touchdown in the back of the end zone on Brandon Bing.

Stanback spent some time on the practice squad last year. Dan DePalma, another practice squad receiver from last year, also had a few catches over the middle. Douglas, an undrafted rookie, is athletic and has some nice hands. Playing special teams and blocking will be key for the backup receivers.

Jerrel Jernigan continued to flash his speed and elusive ability with a few catches. He looks more sure of himself and more comfortable with the offense. That’s natural after having an offseason of training and coaching. Last year, the lockout prevented him from learning as much as he could.

Rueben Randle continued to look sure-handed across the middle. He has good body control when doing the intermediate routes. The second-round pick, though, did not finish practice as he took off his jersey and watched. Coughlin said the rookie got fatigued.

• With Michael Boley and Keith Rivers sitting due to hamstring injuries, the Giants shuffled some linebackers around.

Spencer Paysinger worked with the first team at outside linebacker in Boley’s place, presumably so the Giants can see what Paysinger can do. They already know what Jacquian Williams is capable of. Williams is ahead of Paysinger on the depth chart at OLB.

On the second team, Greg Jones moved up and played OLB and he was all over the field. He drew some praise from defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for covering a tight end well on a checkdown pass to a running back and Jones also blew up a short pass attempt to DePalma. On another play he showed good closing speed as he chased David Carr out of bounds from the middle of the field.

“He has practiced well for a couple of days ever since camp has opened,” Coughlin said. “He runs well and appears to be around the ball. He can play inside and play outside.”

Jones has been used pretty much at OLB. The Giants also used Mark Herzlich at OLB with the third team. Herzlich still is the second-string MLB but they also had him do outside work to show his versatility with third team due to the lack of bodies.

• Safety Tyler Sash made a nice diving interception on an errant pass by David Carr. Cornerback Corey Webster also deflected a deep pass down the right sideline for Victor Cruz to himself for an interception.

Antrel Rolle then shouted, “Salsa that!”

Ahmad Bradshaw said he is feeling great and he certainly looked like it on one run on the left side where he showed good burst through the line for a long run.

David Wilson highlight of the day: The rookie stopped and came to a complete halt while also bending backward to make safety Stevie Brown miss him. To be fair to Brown, the play was likely over as Wilson kept running after likely being tackled already in the non-contact drill. And Brown probably started to slow down and hold back. Still, Wilson continues to show flashes of how sudden his cuts and stops can be.

• Tight end Martellus Bennett made a few plays, including catching a high and hard ball in traffic for a touchdown from Eli Manning in red zone drills. Bennett showed his size and hands there.

• Defensive end Justin Tuck had a nice practice, blowing up a running play in the backfield and batting down a screen pass later. Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers used his big body to stuff another run play.

• Giants will go to a contact practice on Monday. That should give us a better idea of where the running game is at.

Scout team preparing Giants for Patriots

January, 29, 2012
David Carr is seeing firsthand that running the New England offense is a pretty sweet job. As the scout team quarterback, Carr gets to imitate New England's Tom Brady in practice and run the high-powered New England offense.

"It's a quarterback friendly offense, honestly," Carr said. "They've got some good stuff there. The coaching staff is pretty good. They got some good weapons. It's pretty easy to run. Not saying they can go out there and put it on cruise control, but it's a smooth offense."

Just like any week heading into a game, the scout team has been hard at work trying to prepare the Giants for New England's prolific offense. That includes emulating the likes of Brady, receiver Wes Welker, and the tight ends combination of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

"It's definitely tough (being Brady) but you got a lot of weapons, we just try to give them the best look possible," Carr said. "I think our guys got a good plan but I want to light them up in practice so they don’t have anything to worry about on Sunday. That's been my goal all year and it seems to be doing a pretty good job of getting the guys ready to go. Just trying to give them a little bit extra, anything I can pick up from the film watching Brady and the common opponents we've seen over the last couple of weeks and trying to do that stuff on the field."

Carr said that tight end Travis Beckum has been playing the role of Hernandez, while fellow tight ends Bear Pascoe and Christian Hopkins have been helping out with Gronkowski duty. For Welker, that has been the responsibility of Dan DePalma, who is a wide receiver on the practice squad.

DePalma said the team gave him a DVD with Welker's routes and he's been studying it at home and at the facility to try and duplicate New England's slot receiver. He said it's been helpful as a young receiver to learn the way that Welker plays in the slot. He described Welker as quick and very shifty, with the ability to shake defensive backs.

"My job is to just study him, his little movements, how he runs his routes and try to duplicate them on the field so when (Aaron) Ross or (Corey Webster) or Antrel Rolle is covering me, I give them as best of a Wes Welker look as I can," DePalma said.

The receiver said he's earning praise for the job he's been doing so far, which also includes portraying Julian Edelman as a defensive back.

"I can only do so much but they're studying film too and telling me I'm doing a pretty good job so I guess we'll see next Sunday," DePalma said.

Added Carr: "He's doing great. He's playing Edelman on defense and he's playing nickel, he's sweating a lot. He's done a great job."