Sanchez drew Tomlinson to Jets

November, 23, 2010

The choice was between the Jets and the Vikings, and veteran running back LaDainian Tomlinson opted to go with a quarterback who had just led his team to the AFC title game, rather than play a guessing game with Brett Favre.

Tomlison said he wanted to play with Mark Sanchez.

"He was probably the main reason that I came here, honestly,” Tomlinson said.

Tomlison said that after watching Sanchez at USC and in his first year with the Jets, the quarterback just seemed to have something special.

In retrospect, that decision looks pretty smart. The Vikings have been mired in controversy, firing head coach Brad Childress after he struggled to hold the locker room and find common ground with Favre.

Jane McManus has covered New York sports since 1998 and began covering football just before Brett Favre's stint with the Jets. Her work has appeared in Newsday, USA Today, The Journal News and The New York Times. Follow Jane on Twitter.



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