Westhoff breaks down new OT rule

Special teams coach Mike Westhoff broke down the NFL's new overtime rule during his weekly chat with reporters on Wednesday.

Here's a brief explanation of the new rule:

In the postseason, if the team that wins the coin toss scores a field goal in its first possession, the opposing team gets a possession to tie the score or win the game.

If the team answers with a touchdown, the game is over. If the team gets a field goal to tie the score, then the next team to score wins the game. If the team that wins the overtime coin toss scores a touchdown on its first possession, the game is over.

Here are a few highlights of Westhoff’s breakdown:

• Teams will get three timeouts each quarter.

• All replays will be handled by officials in the upstairs video booth.

• Westhoff also said the new rules may force the Jets to alter their overtime strategy.

Westhoff said if the Jets had the ball deep in Colts territory -- say, the Colts 11 -- and they face a fourth and short, they would consider going for the first down instead of kicking a field goal.

"To possibly score a touchdown to not let Peyton Manning get on the field," Westhoff explained, "that’s a strategic thing that could come up in this game."

NFL owners in March voted to change the sudden-death nature of overtime in the 2010 playoffs.