New York Jets: Rich Kotite

Jets could use leader like Derek Jeter

February, 12, 2014
Feb 12
My first reaction to the Derek Jeter announcement?

He's right; it's time to go.

Jeter has been around so long that -- pardon the crossover into football -- he came up with the New York Yankees when Rich Kotite was the coach of the New York Jets, 1995. Try to wrap your brain around that. In the Jets' history book, that's known as the Dark Ages.

I'm not a Yankees fan, but how can you not respect Jeter? Every professional sports franchise longs to have a Jeter. During the Jets' acrimonious contract talks with Darrelle Revis, the cornerback's camp tried to push the notion that the Jets needed to lock up Revis because he was their Jeter -- a homegrown star. Obviously, the Jets didn't see Revis that way. At the same time, Revis' behavior wasn't very Jeter-like, as he made it all about the money.

As for the real Jeter, you just hope he can stay healthy through his farewell season. As former Jet and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody tweeted, "Father Time is undefeated." I also remember what Bill Parcells used to say: When you start talking about retirement, you've already retired.

Pete Carroll's 'hairy' experience with Jets

January, 21, 2014
Jan 21
Pete Carroll doesn't have fond memories of his time with the New York Jets, and that's understandable. He went 6-10 in his only season as the head coach and was unceremoniously fired, replaced by Rich Kotite.

Now Carroll returns to New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII, coaching the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks. On Monday, he was asked if it's a "full-circle" moment for him.

"I think my first time in New York as a head coach was kind of in the middle of the circle somewhere or maybe it wasn’t even a circle, it might have been some other shape," Carroll joked. “It was kind of a hairy time."

Carroll's abrupt firing, and the infamous Dan Marino fake spike play that triggered the late-season collapse, overshadowed some good work as the Jets' defensive coordinator. From 1990 to 1993, the Jets ranked 23rd, 12th, 16th and eighth in total defense, respectively. They were even better in points allowed, finishing 17th, 10th, 18th and sixth.

Carroll demonstrated promise as a coach and then things got ... well, hairy, when owner Leon Hess decided he absolutely had to hire Kotite. The Jets went from hairy to scary.