Boxing: Delvin Rodriguez

Rodriguez likes Cotto to beat Sergio

October, 7, 2013
Delvin Rodriguez was mightily impressed with the oomph on Miguel Cotto's left hook on Saturday night in Orlando, Fla. The Danbury, Conn.-based boxer, who also works as an analyst for ESPN and will be heading to Las Vegas this week to work the Timothy Bradley Jr.-Juan Manuel Marquez show, told me that Cotto's power surprised him.

I asked Rodriguez, who was TKO'd in Round 3 by the Puerto Rican future Hall of Famer, what he foresees occurring if a rumored showdown between Cotto and middleweight champion Sergio Martinez were to take place.

"That's a great fight," Rodriguez said. "Cotto is really strong, very determined. He could do a lot of damage because Martinez fights with his hands down." The fighter/analyst said he could see Martinez using his movement to good effect early, but getting broken down as the rounds progress.

So who would have his hand raised at the end of the night?

"Cotto would beat Martinez, definitely, in a close fight," Rodriguez said.

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Retirement not an option for Rodriguez

October, 6, 2013
Delvin Rodriguez was kind enough to take a couple minutes with me on Sunday early afternoon, which I appreciated as Saturday night had not been alright for fighting for him.

The 33-year-old Connecticut resident found himself up against a resurgent Miguel Cotto, a guy who fought in the same manner he used to when he had hair.

Under the tutorial watch of Freddie Roach, Cotto looked to land the left hook, heavy and often against Rodriguez in Orlando. In Round Three, two left hooks and a right finished Rodriguez (28-7-3), with the ref not bothering to count.

I asked Rodriguez, promoted by New Yorker Joe DeGuardia, how he was feeling the day after. "I'm alright, I'm OK," he said. "Just landed in New York."

He told me that indeed Cotto was a bit better than he expected, that his left hook when he had a bit of room to throw hurt was "very solid. I got a little too relaxed, I didn't expect the power to be as strong as it was. He caught me early, trying to warm up."

Retirement is not an option, he told me. "I'm a fighter," he said. "I really want to get back to what I used to do, instead of boxing, jumping around. Not fight in a dumb way, but I have power, enough to hurt anyone."

Today, he hurts, his chin and ego having been penetrated. But, he said, he would be cheered up soon enough. He was about to begin the drive to Connecticut, to see his wife, son and baby boy, who just turned one. They won't care about strategy and left hooks, they will be looking for hugs.

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Miguel Cotto demolishes Delvin Rodriguez

October, 6, 2013

Cynics -- and I dare say that is most of the folks who have been covering boxing for any length of time -- took it with two grains of salt when Miguel Cotto and new trainer Freddie Roach both said that they were working on bringing back the "old" Cotto, a left hook-happy hitter who sought and got KOs.

Darned if the trainer and boxer weren't on message, and Cotto, who turns 33 on Oct. 29, on Saturday night looked like a 10-years-younger version of himself who hadn't absorbed back-to-back losses to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Austin Trout.


Who would you most want to see Miguel Cotto face in his next fight?


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Granted, Cotto (38-4) took on just a solid journeyman in Delvin Rodriguez (28-7-3) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. But he made Rodriguez look like a C-grade boxer as he imposed his will and skills, and a rib-battering left hook on the Connecticut-based brawler. In Round 3, two left hooks and a right sent Rodriguez to the mat, and the ref didn't even need to count, calling for a TKO.

The Puerto Rican boxer's stock jumped considerably, and social media buzz on whom he might face next percolated quickly. Maybe a jump to 160, from 154, to fight middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, in favorite old stomping ground Madison Square Garden next spring? Maybe a P.R.-versus-Mexico rumble against Canelo Alvarez, who looked worse against Mayweather on Sept. 14 than Cotto did when he met "Money" in May 2012?

So I'll throw the question to you, readers: Whom do you want to see Cotto fight next?

Delvin Rodriguez closing on Cotto fight

July, 17, 2013
The opportunity of his fighting life is nearly in place for Dominican-born junior middleweight Delvin Rodriguez. The Connecticut hitter (28-6-3, 16 KOs) has an agreement in place to fight comebacking Miguel Cotto (37-4, 30 KOs), the 32-year-old Puerto Rican ace who is on a two-fight losing streak and in dire need of a win to re-inject buzz into a Hall of Fame-level career.

Rodriguez's manager, AJ Galante, told NYFightblog that Team Rodriguez, which includes promoter Joe DeGuardia, has "an agreement in principal" for a Cotto-Rodriguez fight. The fight would likely unfold on Oct. 5 in Florida and be shown on HBO.

"We are finalizing the documents," Galante said. "It's not done yet, but I'd be surprised if it's not official by the weekend."

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