Paulie critiqued, then held out olive branch to DiBella

On his Sept. 14 radio appearance, Paulie Malignaggi took pains to tell listeners that he believes Lou DiBella did many things well as his promoter.

"I think I could've made more money, I could have done a little bit more, but at least I got money in bank, I can live good," Malignaggi said on the show. "I can say I forgive him but I'm not going to say Lou did anything wrong...I just hope he doesn't think I did anything wrong for not sharing his opinion."

Again, Malignaggi made repeated efforts to look on the brighter side; but he did spill a lengthy laundry list of DiBella's perceived faults, or slights. He thinks more could have been done to build his brand, and he says he hears from people who wonder why they never saw him on national talk shows.

"If you do your job, I'll do my job," he said. "I busted my ass, I cannot accept mediocrity, if I'm not giving you mediocrity, I don't want mediocrity back. I wanted to have this talk with Lou, I got nothing against Lou. It's a difference of opinion, a difference of personal matters, a difference on the business side. I got love for Lou. Nobody's going to be in your life nine, ten years you're not going to have love for them...I could've been with Don King, I could've signed with Lou Duva, I wouldn't have had the career I had."

He tried to quash the flareup. "I hope this thing ends," he said. "The gratitude is fifty-fifty. I owe Lou a thank you and I think Lou owes me a thank you. I hope tonight's interview got that across. I've got no regrets, it's a difference of opinion."

That it was..and maybe it didn't have to be that way.