Adamek gets UD over Aguilera

Tomasz Adamek is undersized as far as heavyweights go, but hey, this is where the money is. He met another undersized fighter, Nagy Aguilera, at the Aviator on Saturday and won handily on the cards: 99-91, 100-90, 100-90, drawing robust cheers from his rooters, who comprised a good 60% of the house.

Aguilera is himself fighting out his class; he looks like he could make light heavy if he put his mind to it. But that said, he earned his check. Both his eyes were swollen and he was cut on the right eye, but he kept chugging forward, landing the odd power right. Adamek is 35, but it looks like the drubbing he absorbed from Vitali Klitschko in a TKO10 loss last fall didn't drain him. He jabbed with pep, moved the whole ten rounds, and keeps his hopes alive for another title shot. It'd help if the Klitschkos both exit the sport ASAP, of course.