The hangover: Quillin on Pacman-Bradley

The fallout from Saturday night's Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley continues to drift into Monday.

Like the sort of later-in-life hangover which makes you swear off the demon rum, and stick to it, this sourness in the gut has lingered. It came about after two of three judges determined that Bradley did the better work at the MGM Grand on Saturday.

The question now remains: Will anything be done about it? Or will media and fans simply bellyache, get it out of their system, and wait until the inevitable next time when ineptitude trumps the efforts of valiant combatants?

I asked Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin, the middleweight contender, for his take on the Bradley win. "Decisions like that ... feel like a punch to the gut," he said. "It's decisions like that that tamper with someone's legacy and dreams and I think they should demand better judging and scoring or a better system to avoid decisions like that."

I think all of us are tired of this garbage. A push to craft a better system is necessary, so athletes stop getting screwed.

One can argue that the fans deserve better, as much as the boxers do. Because Pacman will walk away with $25 million or so to cheer himself up, and Bradley has around $9 million in case his feelings are hurt that 99% of the world thinks he got a gift-bag win. But Joe the Fan, the customer, once again plunked down hard-earned money and, for his trouble and loyalty, was rewarded with a face full of Mace.

Will the powers-that-be do anything about that? Or will they hem, haw and kvetch but accept business as usual going forward? It is incumbent on the Nevada Commission to show the sports world they care, and are more than mere functionaries or hacks.

They need to tweak this system and improve a system that hasn't been improved since ... ever(?). I suggest we start using former or current professional boxers, who know what the heck they are looking at in the ring.

Readers: Feel free to offer your take, in the comments below, on how to ensure the judges don't wreck the night, and award the wrong guy the win, as happened on Saturday night in Las Vegas.