Video: Rooney Jr. will fight, then write

We all know folks who have a few jobs, who work their tails off to try and make the ends meet during these trying economic times. Kevin Rooney Jr. is juggling two vocations, but not so much because he's in a financial hole or he's saving up for a house. Rooney Jr. works in media relations for promoter Lou DiBella, and also happens to be a pretty fair fighter himself. In fact, he'll be plying both trades in Atlantic City tomorrow night. The 26-year-old junior middleweight, who is the son of former Mike Tyson trainer Kevin Rooney, has a 2-0 record. He turned pro in April, and he'll look to make it three in a row against 0-1 Danny Lugo at Boardwalk Hall. Then, win or lose, he'll shower, get into some business casual clothes, and get to work on assembling publicity materials for the card headlined by middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

Check out the video of Rooney Jr. talking about his hopes and dreams. NYFightblog spoke to the fighter-publicist on Tuesday in Times Square, while he was helping to put together an open workout for Martinez.