Tight crew will watch Browne at Olympics

Modell's on Staten Island has been offering t-shirts for sale since early June, and the proceeds from the sale of the "Staten Island's Own Marcus Browne" shirts are going to help defray travel and lodging costs so some of Browne's family can attend the games in London.

So far, Browne told me, 600 $10 shirts have been sold at the three SI Modell's, and about $2,000 have rolled in as donations. Thus, his stepfather, an uncle, trainer Gary Stark Sr. and mentor Pat Russo will be flying in to London to check out the light heavyweight's bid for gold. Mother Doris won't be attending, as she just opened a restaurant on Staten Island, Mona's Cuisine, and she has to insure the business keeps humming. So she'll keep track on TV. Browne said he's happy with the tight crew coming to cheer him on.

"It's not a huge number of people coming," he said. "I don't want to be worried." All those folks do well on their own, he said, and won't be tugging at the boxer, looking for sightseeing company, to see local hotspots.

Find Big Ben on your own, people, the kid's got gold to focus on.