Amateur card promoted by Salita tomorrow

Dmitriy Salita is one of those fighters who has tried to fill the vacuum which popped up when the economy tanked in 2008, by wearing the hat of both fighter and promoter. Salita, the promoter, is doing his thing tomorrow night, August 23, at the Fight Factory Gym located at 24 Cobek Court, in Brooklyn, NY.

The Gravesend card, the second in a new series, will kick off at 7:30 p.m. and feature 12 amateur bouts, as well as a performance by hip hopper Rice Maniac, and some stellar Kosher food, Salita told NYFightBlog. Tix are $25, and you can call 646-401-5657 to get them. This will be the seventh show he has promoted, since September 2010.

So, what can a ticketbuyer expect to see at the fights? "There are some good open class boxers from the Fight Factory, Starret City, the Teddy Atlas gym and others," Salita (34-1-1- with 18 KOs; born in Ukraine) said.

So, why do this? Why not just concentrate on your own career?

"It's important for amateur boxers to have an opportunity to improve their skills on a regular basis," said the 30 year-old hitter, who scored a TKO4 win over 65-62-2 Roberto Valenzuela in Alabama on Aug. 4 and is looking to get a slot on the Oct. 20 Barclays/Golden Boy card. "The fighters have the opportunity to build a relationship will local fans, businesses and potential sponsors. The goal is that this exposure will help them for the rest of their careers.

Some of the best fights I have seen happened at amateur tournaments because it is truly for the love of the game. Future world champions and top contenders fight each other on a regular basis. The winners of tomorrow's fights will receive specially made "Brooklyn Brawl" belts. It is very important to have a relationship with amateur boxing to encourage its growth because that's where it all begins.

"NYC has some very talented young man," the Flatbush resident said, "and I look forward to seeing some of them put it on the line tomorrow night."