Quillin on Chavez Jr.-Martinez

Degenerate boxing addicts have been lamenting that this August has been beyond crappy, with nothing much exciting going on. I say, good; the never-ending season needs a couple lulls every now and again, to let those in the game recharge themselves.

But we're headed into September, and with that, juices are flowing for some solid matchups which are getting the fight junkies buzzed. The top of many folks' list is the Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. scrap on Sept. 15 in Las Vegas. Martinez, 37, is favored, but not by as much as he would have been two years ago, when the drums started being beaten for this showdown.

The WBC middleweight champ Chavez, 26, has come into his own, physically if perhaps not as much mentally as some would hope, since it seems he does like to release tension outside of training in ways many twentysomething non-athletes do. (You'll recall a January DUI, which TMZ reported in March.) Junior's strength and aggressive nature could give Martinez, a thinking-man's hitter, problems, especially if the Argentine-born heartthrob has lost something physically in the last couple years, as some theorize he has, because he hasn't manhandled people like Darren Barker and Matthew Macklin.

I asked middleweight contender Peter Quillin (27-0), who is in the mix to meet the winner, who he likes in the scrap between the 46-0 Chavez and the 49-2-2 Martinez, who previously held the WBC middleweight crown.

"I see Chavez being big," said Quillin, age 29. "I see Martinez's speed and athleticism. He can beat Chavez, but if Chavez uses that power, he might get him out of there. But I can see Martinez looking good, knocking him out."

So, flip a coin then? "I'm just ready for titleholders!" Quillin finished.

Readers, how are you seeing this matchup? I wonder if we haven't made too much of Junior's recent wins over Marco Antonio Rubio, and Andy Lee? Is he truly a beast or the recipient of skilled matchmaking? Weigh in!