Danny Jacobs wins comeback fight

Danny Jacobs soaks in his victory while his trainer rushes in from the corner. Al Bello/Getty Images

Danny Jacobs drew a hearty roar from the peeps at Barclays Center when he was introduced, and then sent Missouri's Josh Luteran down in the first, off a left hook-right follow, and drew a heartier roar. The ref waved off the fight before even finishing a count. The time was 1:13.

Jacobs said in the week before the bout that he thought he might get emotional pre-bout, on the ring walk, but he was all business. No one would fault him if he had been weeping on his way in, as he was fighting for the first time since being laid out by a tumor on his spine. He beat that, with surgery and radiation, and the Brownsville hitter then blew off docs who said he shouldn't fight again.

Luteran served up his head on a platter, and the left hook and follow-up right had him out as he went down. He was on the deck for a few minutes as the docs looked after him, making sure he was OK.

Jacobs, fighting for the first time since last March, and living now in nearby Park Slope, rises to 23-1. Luteran goes to 13-2.