ESPN's Atlas helping those hit by storm

Sandy hit Staten Island in vicious fashion, with 22 of the 40 people killed by the storm from that borough. ESPN analyst Teddy Atlas is a Staten Islander who is looking to help lift the shell-shocked citizens there. He runs a foundation, in honor of his father, Dr. Theodore Atlas, which helps out people who have fallen in between the cracks. The foundation, formed in 1997, will hold its 16th annual fundraising dinner on Nov. 15, and that is still a go, Atlas informs NYFightBlog.

Theodore Atlas was well-known in his community for accepting a chicken dinner, or an IOU, in exchange for performing a house call on the Island. His son is in total hustle mode this week, having set up a relief station at the foundation office on Cary Ave., where he and volunteers are collecting all manner of materials to help out local residents who were washed out of their homes.

Atlas told ESPN NY Friday night about the Foundation response. "We got about 10 volunteers to help us unload clothes, shoes, water, blankets, because so many people lost so much," he said. "We're getting vans to get the stuff to places it needs to go. We got more stuff coming in Monday, so we will follow with another mass distribution next week. It's a little overwhelming, the need that is out there right now. We're doing everything we can and supposed to do. We'll keep going and do everything we can to help the people that need it right now."