Bozella win was standout of Staples card

The Saturday pay-per-view card topped by Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson which unfolded at LA’s Staples Center featured a bizarre ending, with Dawson being declared the TKO winner in the second after he dumped Hopkins on his back, and Hopkins hurt his shoulder and couldn’t or wouldn’t continue. It featured a stunner of a comeback win in a prelim, as Antonio Demarco stopped Jorge Linares, compared on air in earlier rounds as an all-time great talent, a Sugar Ray Robinson-level talent by Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Manny Steward, in round 11. But the main takeaway memory from this evening could for many watchers be four rounder featuring a 52 year old man in his pro debut against an 0-3 boxer from Houston.

Dewey Bozella is not just any 52 year old, just any guy who is trying like hell to keep Father Time’s cruel hands off of him. Bozella spent 26 years in prison for murdering a 92 year-old woman, back in 1977. Bozella back then was a punk who was running with a bad crowd, but his life took a wicked turn when authorities tagged him for the murder of a little old lady named Emma Crapser.

She was out at bingo, and came home at around 11 PM. Her arrival surprised the violent thieves who were ransacking her Poughkeepsie, NY apartment. Ms. Crapser was bound with a chord, and suffocated with material stuffed down her throat, while a chisel-like instrument protruded from her mouth. Cops arrested Bozella and two other young men, Wayne Moseley and Elbert Pittman, for the murder, after the man initially tipped off to cops as the killer ratted out Bozella, Moseley and Pittman.

As the case against Bozella and company was proceeding, a man named Donald Wise and his brother Anthony in 1978 were arrested for invading the home of three elderly women in Poughkeepsie. The women were beaten, and one died. The seemingly obvious link in MO between the two murders went by the wayside. Four years after a grand jury decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Bozella, DAs kept the heat on Dewey. Moseley was in prison for another offense, and DAs visited him. They virtually pleaded with him to testify that Bozella killed Crapser. They dangled a get out of jail free card, and he took it. He’d previously said Dewey didn’t do it, but now changed his tune. By 1983, a compelling allegation that Donald Wise had killed Crapser had surfaced by prosecutors didn’t pursue it…though Donald’s fingerprint had been found in Crapser’s apartment in 1977. The deck was stacked against Dewey; in December 1983, he was convicted of killing Ms. Crapser. He could have wasted away in prison, becoming a hardened shell of a being, letting his earned cynicism corrode his soul. But he didn't. Come back for more details on Dewey's comeback.

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