Cake sends Cotto's trainer scurrying

Never seen anything quite like this: At Miguel Cotto's open workout at Gleason's today, after Cotto engaged in some pad work with trainer Pedro Diaz, he went, sat in a corner, and Diaz draped a white towel over him.

For three minutes, Cotto sat under the towel, silent, as the gym activity hummed all around. I asked Diaz about this activity, and he indicated that Cotto does that throughout his workouts, and that it brings his pulse and heart rate down.

Basically, he takes meditation breaks during workouts. Hey, whatever works.

Things have been working out pretty good of late for Cotto, who seems to have found a cornerman he bonds totally with, and gets the best out of him. After he and his uncle Evangelista parted ways, with great acrimony, Cotto employed strength and conditioning coach Joe Santiago to oversee him. Then, the late Emanuel Steward worked with Cotto for two fights, wins over Yuri Foreman and Ricardo Mayorga.

Cotto then tapped Diaz, who came to the U.S. from Cuba in 1998, and they are 1-1 together, with a December 2011 rematch win over Antonio Margarito being followed by the UD loss to Floyd Mayweather in May.

I was just about to do a video interview with Diaz, when the trainer hoofed it out of Gleason's. What spooked him? A birthday cake; Cotto's mom was heading his way, and wanted the trainer to blow out the candles on his birthday.

How old is he? I couldn't say, I couldn't ask; Diaz jetted to a waiting SUV, and my queries about what Saturday foe Austin Trout brings to the table, and how many candles Diaz was going to blow out, went unanswered.

Sorry, FightBlog fans!