Near brawl at Garcia-Judah presser

A fight almost broke out before the fight, as the junior welter champ Danny's Garcia's trainer-father Angel needled his son's Feb. 9 opponent, Zab Judah, sparking a brouhaha today at a press conference at Gallagher's Steakhouse in NYC.

The WBA and WBC titlist Garcia will tangle with the vet Judah at Barclays, in the second fight card at the new building in Brooklyn. Garcia headlined the inaugural event, on Oct. 20, almost taking off Mexican legend Erik Morales' head in a KO victory. Garcia the elder, no stranger to causing ruckuses at press conferences--he ranted about Morales' PED usage at the final presser before the first Barclays card--started in on Judah. He said that Judah's time was past, that Danny had thumped the last man Judah beat, Vernon Paris, in sparring. The ribbing got to Judah, who barked back at the Philly fighter's papa.

Garcia the elder is a combustible sort, not one to shrink from being shouted at. He screamed that his son would drop and stop Judah, who rose and advanced to the Garcias. Some of the Judah posse also surged to the hot zone, and some minor shoving, and major league yelling occurred. Judah told the Garcias that the trip back to Philly is a long one, and mentioned a possible trip to the ICU. Promoter Richard Schaefer tried to quell the disturbance with a reminder that steak was still due to be served, but that didn't de-escalate the heat. After a few minutes of back and forth, the boxers and their crews were sent to different sides of the room.

Judah said to ESPN NY after that he didn't like being dissed like that, and it took him by surprise because the day before, he'd come across Team Garcia, and they'd been polite. He said that this diss-fest might be a blessing in disguise, and that Garcia the elder's insults will only be detrimental to the son. "I will punish danny Garcia," Judah vowed.