Danny Jacobs wins at MSG

Brownsville's Danny Jacobs met Chris Fitzpatrick, out of South Carolina, in a middleweight scrap set for eight or less at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Jacobs started out lefty, then went righty at the 2:10 mark in the first. Fitzpatrick showed slow hands and a hesitance to be first. A left hook to the body made him drop his hands, which I assume Jacobs noted for later. In Round 2, Jacobs was again patient. A cut opened on Fitzgerald's crown in the third. Jacobs liked the look of that and turned it on. He turned over his right hand, looking to land bombs. In the fourth, Fitzgerald survived well; he wasn't looking to not earn his check. In Round 5, he ate heavy leather. The fight was stopped after five, as Fitzgerald said he wanted no more. The ref complied and ended the affair.

Jacobs was near death from cancer 19 months ago. "I felt pretty good and I wanted to take my time," he said, noting he notched a first-round knockout in his previous fight and wanted to go a few rounds. He said he was satisfied with his showing and apologized to the crowd, saying that he heard their boos. Jacobs gave a shout-out to Hector Camacho Sr. to cap his night.