Scale Tale: Guzman 153 a month before bout

We recently took a look at the boxer who may well be the most talented pugilist in NY, Joan Guzman, and noted that he's battled a problem a multitude of Americans are familiar with: weight woes.

No, he's not one of the approximately 1/3 of US adults who are obese, but the Brooklyner Guzman's eating issues the last couple of years have transformed him from a fighter who could've hit the Manny Pacquiao lottery, to one who is forced to make a comeback on Nov. 18, hat in hand, to convince the boxing powers that he's serious.

Today, at Gleason's in Brooklyn, Guzman took a meaty step in the right direction. His publicist, former Don King flak Mike Marley, set up an inventive and humorous press opp; Marley had Guzman do a weigh in, to prove his resolve, in front of boxing media.

He passed the Marley test, weighing 153 pounds, just six pounds over the welterweight limit for his comeback, which will unfold in Santo Domingo, the capital of his native Dominican Republic.

"I promised my family, I promised my manager, and I promise now to my many fans," Guzman said. "As of today, I weigh exactly 153 pounds.

"We have one month to go before my fight. I know this will shock some people but I am going to drop all the weight that is required. I plan to challenge anybody and everybody between 140 and 147 pounds. I've never been more serious or dedicated."

"I plan to be world champion a third time and I will fight anyone in the world at junior welterweight or welterweight, I mean anybody. My hands are still quick and so are my feet. I am still wicked fast on offense and with my defense."