Galarza, Browne, Gomez get KO wins at Barclays

Fans who trekked from Red Hook, Staten Island and the Bronx will go home happy after Frank Galarza, Marcus Browne and Eddie Gomez scored stoppage wins at Barclays Center Saturday night.

The junior middleweight Galarza, now 9-0-1, met 7-1 Guillermo Ibarra, and dropped him twice in Round 2. The Red Hooker told me after that he sort of figured the Mexican Ibarra might have a skillfully crafted record, judging from his body at the weigh in, but Ibarra did come to win. He landed one or two right counters on Galarza, but didn’t mark up the winner at all. A right to the body had the ref saying no more for Ibarra at 2:19 of the second round. Galarza's next fight is on May 4 at Resorts World Casino in Queens. He looked up as we chatted, and saw Eddie Gomez from the Bronx entering the ring.

“Who’s better, you or Eddie?” I asked.

“I will fight Eddie,” Galarza answered.

“Next fight?” I asked.

“After about two fights,” Galarza said.

Junior middleweight Gomez beat 14-10 Javier Gomez, from Mexico, and ref Arthur Mercante Jr. halted the fight at 1:17 of the first round. Gomez (13-0 with 9 KOs) stood up after left hooks put him down, Mercante assessed him for a few beats, and didn’t like the look in his eyes.

Light heavyweight Browne’s hand speed and aggression stood out, as he went right at Josh Thorpe, a Cincinnati fighter in over his head. Browne went to 3-0 with 3 KOs, while Thorpe, who earned his check by eating a bunch of leather, went to 1-3 after the ref pulled the plug at 2:42 in the first.

This was the first fight for the Olympian Browne in his home state.