Malignaggi-Broner getting closer

Paul Malignaggi flew in from the West Coast for the Hopkins-Cloud fight and at Barclays Center reported to NYFightblog that it is looking like his next fight will be against Adrien Broner, June 22, in Brooklyn at Barclays.

The WBA welter champ was supposed to fight Ricky Hatton, then Shane Mosley, then Diego Chaves -- with one or two rumored in that time frame -- since he beat Pablo Cano last October.

Broner, the flashy fisted, trashy talking lightweight who’d make the leap from 135 to 147, said he’d like the fight. They’ve been sparring on Twitter, so far in good humor, but you could expect the mud slinging to get thick in that one before they got physical.

Malignaggi drew buzz this week with an interview on Boxing Scene, in which he was unfiltered all the way through. Foul language, shots at HBO, at know-nothing fans, he didn’t pull a single punch. In that chat, he said he respects Broner’s talent, but doesn’t think he should be anointed before he’s properly tested. “There are weight classes for a reason,” he told NYFightblog.

The boxer does commentary on Showtime fights, and has a one-year deal with them. They'd be fine with him fighting on HBO, though, he said.