Dana White: 'Over' MMA in New York

Excited for MMA in New York?

We've heard New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, one of the biggest critics of the legalization of MMA, say it was inevitable.

So how is UFC president Dana White feel about MMA coming to the Big Apple?

"It's not even that I'm pessimistic," Dana White said. "I just don't care anymore."

"I'm just over it," White said.

Let's recap: Why isn't MMA in New York legal?

"The Las Vegas culinary union," White said. "What's funny is that they're sending all these letters to people in New York, the politicians and everything else, why aren't they sending those same letters out in Las Vegas? ... because they would get laughed out of the city."

But what about the people who are against the violence in MMA?

"These people that are saying this are just pawns of the culinary union of Las Vegas," White added.

QUESTION: Do you guys buy that White is really "over" having MMA in New YorK?