Salita-Bracero fight in the works

You'd think New York's geography would spawn regular inter-borough grudge matches. That simply isn't the case. But two local welterweights, both Brooklyn guys, actually, are looking stir up the local waters with an intra-borough scrap. Dmitriy Salita, a former world title challenger based in Flatbush, and prospect-turned-contender Gabriel Bracero of Sunset Park have discussed getting it on on a local show.

A couple days ago, the junior welterweight Bracero (age 32; 22-0 with 4 KOs; last fought on April 4, beat Pavel Miranda UD8 at Roseland) took to Facebook to stir the pot about a Salita fight.

"I personally am willing to go up a weight class and do whatever it takes to make this fight happen," he wrote on Facebook. "Now Dmitry, stop over pricing urself with these promoters. No one is paying u big bucks. I'm willing to take less $$ than you in order to make this fight happen. Stop playing. I'm ready! This is a great fight for N.Y.C. and of course Brooklyn. You have a following in ur community as I do in my community, all here in Brooklyn. It would be a great fight for fans. Dmitry, I want to fight u, stop over pricing urself..Let's make this fight happen. You have my number, I'll be waiting for ur response."

I saw that, and reached out to Salita (age 32; 35-1-1 with 18 KOs; last fought in Oct. 2012, beat Brandon Hoskins via UD6 at Barclays Center). I asked if he's open to the fight, and wondered about the "over pricing" reference.

"Gabe called me out -- I'm ready to make it happen," Salita told me. He maintains his purse requests are reasonable, based on his past performance as a ticket-seller. He said that he sold $50,000 worth of seats for a planned bout against Hector Camacho Jr. on a Golden Boy card in February, which went down the drain when the whole Barclays Center show got pushed to April, because one of the headliners, Danny Garcia, was injured. "Truth be told I am just waiting for a real offer and would accept anything reasonable," Salita reiterated. "This fight is not about money for me.

"I know it's not an easy fight with Gabe but am interested in the opportunity and know it's an important match. I let Bracero's promoter Lou DiBella know that I am willing to work with them to make the fight happen. I'm just looking for a reasonable offer and I've I had some good conversations with DiBella. I think that we can make some good things happen at this stage of my career. I hope it can work out and look forward to working with my former promoter, DiBella."