Stevens discusses "coffin" Tweet

Curtis Stevens likes to stir it up on social media.

The Brownsville-bred middleweight gets the opportunity of his boxing life Nov. 2, when he faces off with WBO champion Gennady Golovkin at the Madison Square Garden Theater. The bout which will run on HBO.

Stevens, with a 25-3 (18 KOs) mark, does something I very much enjoy. Besides being a finisher type who looks to get in the ring, and get his foes out, he commits heavily to most of his punches.

He finds the most negative tweets about himself and about his chances against Golovkin, the 27-0 wrecking ball from Kazakhstan. And, he re-tweets them.

I chatted with Stevens on Wednesday, shortly before the press conference at the Refinery Hotel in midtown, to hype the Nov. 2 contest. The bout will be promoted by K2 along with Kathy Duva's Main Events, Stevens' promoter.

So ... why re-tweet the critiques?

"It's about motivation," the 28-year-old said. "I'm not doing it it so my people come after you. And I like to stir the pot, because the critics are going to be pissed off that I re-tweeted them."

The pot got stirred Sept. 3, when Stevens and some pals convened around a mock coffin, inscribed with the words "RIP GGG." Triple G is Golovkin's nickname. The underdog told me he's having fun and doing some promotional heavy lifting. He knows both men will be looking to smash the other, but it's not personal. It's business. "My fans love it. HBO probably loves it" he said.

Stevens met up with Golovkin for the first time during a photo op at MSG Wednesday morning. The Brooklyner can talk mad trash. He told me that a guy like Golovkin can put up a shell, a wall, a facade. "He's finally seeing me, my physique, he may be a little nervous," he said. "He knows I have that thunder. He knows if he gets caught. It's going to be lights out for him. He knows in his mind. I'm coming for war."

I put Stevens through one of my standard tests. Is it "if" he beats Golovkin, or "when" he beats him?

"There are no 'ifs' in my vocabulary," he said. "When I become the WBA middleweight champion, when I become the most feared middleweight champion in the world by taking out the most feared middleweight in the world."

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