Marcus Browne goes to 7-0

Marcus Browne of Staten Island improved to 7-0 (6 KOs) with a unanimous victory over Lamont Williams at Barclays Center on Monday.

The judges scored it 79-72, 79-72, 76-72 for Browne, in what was an immensely chippy contest.

Afterwards, Browne said it was a “good learning experience.” The 22-year-old said he was OK with not knocking out Williams, as “you can’t knock out everybody.” He said the fight was “dirtier” than his others, and he expects to be stronger in his next eight-rounder.

Browne, the 2012 Olympian, was aggressive in the first. Williams was cautious, maybe too cautious for a shortened-duration bout.

Williams got nastier in Round 2, in a chippy round which saw Williams land a few clean shots on Browne.

In the third, Williams’ hand speed was impressive. With lead rights and lead hooks, he touched Browne a few times. Browne seemed slightly frustrated, as evidenced when he did a smush face on a break, and got warned by the ref. Williams’ feints kept Browne from getting into a rhythm.

The fourth was tight. Williams’ straight right was maybe the best punch of the round. Browne had a point taken for an intentional headbutt to start the fifth. The round was better for him because he came forward and wasn’t backing up so much.

In the sixth, it was another chippy round, with clinches, headbutting and elbows. Browne’s best punch was straight left, but he took a right counter in return. The judges could have gone either way.

In the seventh, Browne had a solid round, landing the cleaner, harder shots.

In the eighth, Williams ran and didn’t throw, giving Browne the round. We went to the cards.

Williams, from California, fell to 5-2-1 with the loss.

Junior welterweight Mike Perez from Newark delighted the crowd with a flurry plus some of left hooks on foe Miguel Zuniga in the main undercard attraction. Perez, an accurate hitter who takes enough punishment to make it interesting, won a UD, by scores of 99-91, 99-91, 96-94 over game Zuniga, who followed him, but couldn't match the hand speed of the victor. After the bout, Perez said, "I've been through a lot, and tonight I found out who I really am. I'm back on my own bandwagon."