Should I fear a riot at MSG?

December, 3, 2011
More than one person this fightweek has asked me if they think there could be a riot goin' on at the Garden. They speculated that the joint could erupt, in a bad way, if Miguel Cotto gets whupped with the ugly stick again by Antonio Margarito.

I doubt it. As a matter of fact, I will go out on a limb and say we wouldn't see another Bowe-Golota scene. Why, you might wonder? My theory: those most likely to get beer-fueled stupid can't afford, in these hard economic times, to buy a ticket, which were scaled from $50-$600. An upside to a down-in-the-dumps economy...

Michael Woods, a member of the board of the Boxing Writers Association of America, has been covering boxing since 1991. He writes about boxing for ESPN The Magazine and is the news editor for



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