Gentlemen and ladies, a welcoming hand to Mr Scher, please

Welcome Jon. Was it difficult knocking all those cobwebs off yer keyboard LOL?

Sorry they stuck you up in the section where unprofessional keyboard tappers are sucking down brews. Er...that is to say, unless you're enjoying a cold one, and in that case, drink with gusto my good man!

(Readers, Scher is the managing editor of the site! Must stay on his good side, not let wisearse cracks slip out!)

Regarding Medina and Lee, there is a time honored tradition in this sweet but savage science called resume padding. Lee is a prospect and Medina is not. Prospects are fed non prospects like pythons are fed mice. Well, that might be too gruesome a comparison. The commission wants to make sure no one is in severely over their head. A bit over their head will fly, ridiculous, dangerous mismatch will not.