Brandon Rios makes John Murray pay for getting chunk of purse

Brandon Rios didn't make 135 Friday and had to pay John Murray $20 Gs for being over. He handed over the cash, but took it out of the Brit's hide, busting his nose in the sixth, and then finishing him off in the seventh. Rios had more energy than anyone could've or would've suspected. Then again, maybe Murray would say that's because he didn't have to go that extra yard to make 135.

Rios wasn't the fan fave at the Garden, as fight fans like to see pugilists be professional all the way. He postured after the win and the people booed.Maybe some were happy that he had to give up his WBA lightweight crown because of the scale debacle.

Interesting that his team says he might stay at this weight. Do they not think he'll have enough pop at 140?