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Team Snooki Boxing is still alive

September, 5, 2013
Team Snooki Boxing has been on a hiatus, but not to worry, fans of the diminutive MTV persona, the dream isn't dead. Team Snooki Boxing is still a viable entity, if one in transition.

Poughkeepsie's Mike Pascale of Final Round Promotions, helps run the day-to-day operations along with Snooki's dad Andy Polizzi. Pascale told NYFightBlog that his crew has been busy, even if they haven't been putting on shows, with the last one coming on Dec. 8, 2012, in Las Vegas.

"Yes, we are still doing Snooki boxing," he told me, referring to the promotional outfit which debuted in January 2012. "We have not been active as of late due to some management issues with (top Snooki talent) Patrick Hyland. I hope to have the issues resolved soon." The 29-year-old Dubliner Hyland, who has a 29-1 mark, last scrapped on the December 2012 card, dropping a 12-round unanimous decision to Javier Fortuna.

Pascale did report something else in the works, something in a realm well known to the Polizzis. No, he's not referring to the news that Snooki will put on her dancing shoes, for the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars."

"We have been asked to do a reality TV show," Pascale said. "It will be called 'Family of Fighters.' We've been told by the producer that five networks are interested in it. We will know which one in the near future. As far as [Snooki] appearing on the show, that has yet to be determined."

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Hyland to fight Fortuna

October, 18, 2012
Irishman Patrick Hyland, who has lived for the past couple years in Marlboro, N.Y., gets a career-definining fight on Dec. 8, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas on the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez undercard.

The 27-0 Hyland will be the slight underdog, I think, when he meets heralded prospect Javier Fortuna (20-0) for the interim WBA featherweight title.

Hyland's promoter, Mike Pascale, talked to NYFightBlog. "The contract has been verbally approved and will be formally signed the beginning of next week," he said. "Top Rank wants to make the announcement soon. This fight will showcase two very tough, undefeated fighters and will be a war from start to finish. I can tell you this, Patrick has prepared for this night since he started fighting at the age of five and we will dominate."

Two days away from Team Snooki Boxing debut

January, 26, 2012
We are two days away from seeing a sight none of us thought we'd see: the debut of "The Jersey Shore's" Snooki as a boxing promoter.

Snooki is doing the Arum-King thing with dad Andy Polizzi, and Mike Pascale of Final Round Promotions, a Poughkeepsie outfit.

The Polizzis live in upstate Marlboro, NY, and are friends with Pascale, who worked for the New York State Athletic Commision under Floyd Patterson, Mel Southard, Ray Kelly, Ron Scott Stevens and Melvina Lathan before moving into the promotional side.

I chatted with Pascale on Thursday, and asked for a report on how arrangements for the show, which is dubbed "The Irish Invasion," and will take place at Resorts in Atlantic City Saturday night, are progressing

"Everything is going smooth," Pascale said. "We expect a good turnout, sales look good. There will be eight fights, and no tomato cans, so to speak."

The room at Resorts holds 1,250 people and Pascale expects at least a thousand to show up and see the Hyland brothers, out of Dublin, do their thing. Patrick (24-0), 20-2 Paul and 16-1 Eddie are the invaders. Patrick (age 28) takes on Emmanuel Lucero (26-8), Paul (age 27) meets Arturo Santiago (7-4), and Eddie (age 30) fights Franklin Gonzalez (14-9).

If you don't care to travel, the card will stream, for $10, here.

Also, for those not so down with the boxing scene, there will be an afterparty at Resorts, at a club called Night Fever, at which the dimunitive diva herself, Snooki, will meet and greet the adoring throngs.

That, people, is The Situation regarding Team Snooki Boxing.