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NY Olympic boxers report on White House visit

September, 18, 2012
A gaggle of U.S. Olympians, including New York boxers Marcus Browne and Jamel Herring, visited the White House and greeted President Obama on Friday.

"I was inspired to watch you guys even though I couldn't do what you do," Obama said to the athletes, according to Reuters. "I was inspired to run a little bit faster watching Tyson Gay, and lift a little more after watching Holley Mangold, or do a few more (abdominal) crunches after watching Michael Phelps and the other swimmers. Somehow, it didn't work quite on me."

Browne and Herring both came away mightily impressed. "It was a great experience, yes we shared a few words, he was very nice, he has such a smooth aura, not like a pimp but just an old-school playa," the Staten Islander Browne told NYFightblog.

I asked about where he stands on turning pro. "As of now I'm still in the process of meeting with different companies in boxing, I still haven't spoken to everyone yet," he said. "I'm almost done but it'll be soon. I'm not rushing, I'm making sure I get the best deal for me."

Herring got some quality time with the President, and then poked around the White House. "I shook hands with him, told him I was a Marine who deployed twice, and had a great time exploring the White House afterwards."

Er, did you liberate a keepsake?

"LOL, no, plus you can imagine how tight security was," he reported.

Confession: Not sure if this will put me on the watch list, but if I went to the White House, I'd try to snag a few plies of toilet paper, at least ...

Browne, Herring at White House

September, 14, 2012
Olympians Marcus Browne and Jamel Herring, of Staten Island and Coram, Long Island, are in DC today, meeting President Obama at the White House along with a couple hundred other American athletes who took part in the London Games.

"Yea, we here, from Staten Island to the White House!" Browne Tweeted at 9 a.m.

"From Coram to the White House and still going strong in life," Herring Tweeted. "Y'all can't tell me I ain't made it... Life is good and it only gets better."

"I watched you guys do things that I did not think were humanly possible," Obama said, as quoted on "I was tempted to run a little bit faster after watching Tyson Gay ... or do a few more crunches after watching Michael Phelps and some of the other swimmers."

Neither Browne nor Herring was able to make it out of London with a medal, but both are soldiering on, sifting through offers to turn pro. The grapevine tells me that Browne has met with some heavy hitters about a deal and is mulling how to proceed, and Herring is planning to go to a camp headed by Mike Stafford, who guides Adrien Broner and is looking to place Herring with a higher-placed adviser.
Floyd Mayweather proved yet again to be master of the sound bite. On an HBO special Saturday night, he sat down and talked with author-professor Michael Eric Dyson, and Dyson asked him about the President, and if he thinks Mr Obama has the swag to get into the ring with the pugilist.

"People want to know how much power Floyd Mayweather got," Mayweather answered. "I can guarantee you this. I show you how much power I got, if I was to fight Manny Pacquiao, I'd let Barack Obama walk me to the ring holding my belt. Can I make it happen, absolutely."

The undisputed pound for pound champion of the sweet soundbite, Floyd Mayweather.