Boxing: twitter king

He said he'd pull it off, go into the other guy's homebase and take his title, and he also said he'd Tweet in between rounds. Big mouth on that Paulie Malignaggi, but damned if he didn't pull it off. Malignaggi, who takes some abuse on Twitter from (mostly) British fight fans who bust on him and call him "Pillow Fist," showed that his pillows got pop; the Brooklyn-bred hitter, who lives in LA, stopped out Vyacheslav Senchenko in round nine of their tussle Sunday for Senchenko's WBA 147 pound crown.

He Tweeted twice during the event, held in the titlist's neck of the woods, Donetsk, first querying, "How am I looking????" and then, right before the judges spoke, "If I get robbed!!" Both Tweets had the hashtag #TK, for Twitter King, installed. "I told everyone I was going to tweet during rounds. I think I only tweeted twice but that s--t was hard and wont do it again," he declared, before adding, "I lied. My next fight I'll be Tweeting again hahaha."

As a further smooch to his social media adherents, the boxer, whose record rose to 31-4 with 7 stops, he had "#TK" stitched onto the back of his trunks. The stoppage was his second since 2003, for the record, though it seems he's on something of a power tear, having finished off Michael Lozada early in December 2010.

For those curious, no, he didn't Tweet with his tongue. A trusted team-member tapped out the Tweets as directed by the now two-time champ. "I want to thank everyone who supported me and had my back!!!! I love you all," he Tweeted hours after the victory.

At age 31, left for professional dead by many pundits after he was owned by Amir Khan in their 2010 scrap, it is clear that the title win is more than a bit meaningful to the boxer. He had to at least consider that he was just about washed up at age 30, no easy thing to wrap your brain around for any being.

"Call me Pillowfist now!!!!" he gloated after the sweet occasion Sunday. Later, "I'm Tweeting while trying to take a piss LOLL," the boxer wrote.

The odd haters aside, most within the sport are happy to see the mouthy one get this done; he's someone who makes the most of his skills, and has an excess of personality which makes the writer's job that much easier. Long live the Twitter King, possessor of much more character than 140's worth.

Malignaggi-Senchenko possible for PPV

March, 15, 2012
I've had some people reach out to me, asking if I know anything about the possibility of TV for Paulie Malignaggi's April 29 title shot against Ukraine's Vyacheslav Senchenko, which will unfold in the Ukraine. So I put out some feelers, and it turns out there seems to be a good possibility that the fight--pitting the 32-0 WBA world welterweight champ against the 30-4 Brooklyn-born Malignaggi, the ex junior welter champ and current Twitter King--will be available on pay-per-view.

I'm hearing that Integrated Sports Media, which is producing the Brian Viloria-Omar Nino Romero III PPV, on March 31, is negotiating with the Senchenko people to beam the fight card to the US. I will keep you updated...

Malignaggi wants Santa Golden Boy to deliver

December, 19, 2011
Paulie Malignaggi, the Twitter King, the NYC P4P No. 1, is back in the boroughs for the holidays. As far as I can tell, Malignaggi isn’t in an indulgent mode, as he barely nibbled while gorgeous grandma pies were laid in front of him at his manager Anthony Catanzaro’s pizza joint, Portobello’s, on Murray St. on Monday afternoon.

I did nibble, and managed to take some notes as Catanzaro shared what he wants Santa, or Malignaggi’s promoter, Golden Boy, to stick in their stocking.

As best as I can make out through the sauce stain on my notepad, Catanzaro said, “In a perfect world, we would love to bring WBA world welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko to either Madison Square Garden or the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for a title fight. Hopefully, Golden Boy can get it done.”

Malignaggi signed on with them when he moved to LA a year ago. He basically booked fights with Marcos Maidana and Erik Morales in the last couple weeks on Twitter, but for various reasons those fell through. Too bad…I’d like to see if he could avoid Maidana’s bombs for 12 rounds, and I’d rather see Morales against the light-hitting vet Malignaggi than against young gun Danny Garcia, who could well spell the end of the line for the Mexican legend.

Maybe I’m just partial, because I’m a Brooklyn guy, dealing with the mean streets of Park Slope, and Malignaggi is Bensonhurst bred. But the kid sells the heck out of fights, and with the right stylistic matchup, makes for good fights. I do predict he will headline in an ‘A’ side versus ‘A’ side scrap in New York sometimes in 2012, and will be back on either HBO or Showtime. I’m hoping so; he has only a couple years left in the game, and to be frank, I’ve seen lesser lights get marquee dates lately. And with Barclays opening up next year, and him being the biggest name NY-associated boxer, well, it just makes sense.

In any case, he looks ready to fight on short notice, close to weight, and I appreciate him leaving more grandma slices for me to attack. My diet starts January 1…