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Vitali hasn't decided if he will keep fighting

January, 16, 2013
Tom Loeffler of K2, the promotional outfit named for the fighting Klitschko brothers, the heavyweight standouts Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, spoke to today about what’s next for the Brothers K.

Loeffler was at Kingsway Gym with his middleweight sniper Gennady Golovkin, who meets Gabriel Rosado at the Madison Square Garden Theater on Saturday night.

Loeffler said it’s likely that little brother Wlad will fight in April, foe TBD. Germany will be the location for the tussle. One potential foe, Alexander Povetkin, holds the WBA “regular” belt while Wlad holds their “super” title. The WBA would like to see Povetkin meet Wlad, but it has seemed like Povetkin isn’t as keen to do the same. Loeffler says that sanctioning body is working to hash the matter out. The 36-year-old Wlad holds the IBF crown, and Tomasz Adamek and Kubrat Pulev are supposed to duke it out with the winner to be crowned the No. 1 rated challenger. And he holds the WBO belt, with that body asking No. 1 rated Robert Helenius to fight an eliminator to meet the WBO champ, Loeffler told us.

The 41 year-old Vitali has been busy doing the politics thing in Ukraine, where he is a member of parliament. He has not decided, Loeffler said, if he will glove up again, or concentrate fully on the political arena. “We should know within a month,” he said. “If he did fight, it would be before May.”

A Vitali fight against David Haye, the Brit who talked himself into a fight with Wladimir in July 2011, and then fought scared, losing a unanimous decision, is the most desired potential bout out there, from a fan's perspective. It's not at the top of Vitali's to do list, though, according to Loeffler. If it ever came to pass, “Vitali would want to knock Haye out,” Loeffler said. “Vitali I think would take more chances to go for the knockout.”

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Walker a far stiffer test for Adamek

August, 22, 2012
Tomasz Adamek is a heavy-duty draw in New Jersey, his second homeland, and the pole will once again glove up at the Prudential Center in front of rabid rooters on Sept. 8 (2 p.m. start time).

A couple months ago, it looked like he'd be meeting the beyond-grizzled vet James Toney in a heavyweight clash. But that trial balloon crashed, so Travis Walker will get the assignment instead.

Russell Peltz, the promoter who works as matchmaker and advisor to Main Events. On Sept. 30, he will celebrate 43 years in the business. Peltz is happy that Toney won't be part of the card. "I thanked my lucky stars when the Toney-Adamek fight fell out," said the Philadelphian Peltz, who entered the Hall of Fame in 2004. The Jersey Commission, Peltz said, initially gave a thumbs up to Toney, who turns 44 on Friday, and hasn't definitively won a meaningful scrap since 2003, but then back-tracked. "Thank God," Peltz cracked. Pundits savaged an Adamek-Toney tussle, and voila, we get Walker, a 33-year-old Floridian who is coming off a decent win (TKO6), against Kali Meehan in March. "Even if Toney could hang some with Adamek, I don't think he should be fighting at all. Where will the people who gave him a license be in 20 years, when he has deteriorated? I feel the same way about Roy Jones. If they're going to get licensed, let it be on someone elses' show."

Peltz says that Walker will press Adamek (46-2 with 28 KOs; turns 36 in December; ex light heavy champ) , and that pair will put on a better show than Adamek did against Eddie Chambers, back at the Pru on June 16.

Adamek won a UD12, in a fight I could have seen going to Chambers, who fought almost the whole fight with a useless left arm after tearing his bicep in round one. "With the beating Adamek took against Vitali Klitschko in September 2011, maybe he's not the same. Walker is talking good. And it's a better fight than people think," Peltz said.

I agree. Just because Walker (39-7-1) has seven losses on his ledger, that doesn't mean he isn't of a decent caliber. (Don't get Peltz started on know-nothing TV execs who, in years past, have cautioned him not to use this guy or that because he has a few losses on his resume.)

I asked Peltz about the longer-term plan for Adamek. Is he aiming for a another Klitschko fight? "Well, that's where the money is," he said. "I guess it depends on how long the Klitschkos stick around. If he does [fight Klitschko], I hope he has a better fight plan. To fight him from the outside is insane. First, he has to get by Walker."

NYFightBlog to attend BWAA dinner

June, 5, 2012
The 87th annual Boxing Writers Association of America's awards dinner runs tomorrow night at the Copacabana in NYC.

Honorees slated to attend include Vitali Klitschko, Andre Ward, Bernard Hopkins, and Al Bernstein.

A limited number of tickets remain for the June 6, 2012 banquet. They can be reserved and picked up at the door. For information, go to

Can't get there? You can catch all the action on GoFightLive (,which begins a live webcast at 7:00 p.m. ET.

I will attend with notebook and video camera at the ready ...
When you hear the term "black eye" in the context of boxing, more often these days it's in terms of the negative stain on the sport after another controversial, idiotic or ludicrous situation take place in and around the squared circle, rather than regarding after-effects on a fighter's eye after absorbing punishment.

The sport absorbed two more black eyes this weekend, one in Germany, stemming from the Vitali Klitschko-Dereck Chisora fight, and then a few hours later, when Spaniard Gabriel Campillo was robbed, in plain sight, by two "judges" named David Robertson and Joel Elizondo, after he plainly beat IBF light heavy champ Tavoris Cloud in Corpus Christi, Texas but was denied his due worth, and Cloud was declared a split decision victor.

Saturday in Munich, 43-2 Klitschko had to work hard to keep 15-2 Brit challenger Chisora at bay, as the Zimbabwe-born hitter showed stamina of energy and resolve, and a good chin, as he chased the 40 year-old WBC heavyweight champion and tried to land a game changer. His brother Wladimir had to work hard not to haul off on Chisora and slug him when the Brit spit water in his face in the ring before the festivities commenced. Chisora showed himself to be something less than the consummate gentleman-sportsman, when he slapped Vitali on Friday, during the pose-off following their weigh in.

Now, Chisora could have exulted in his better than expected performance--which was aided by Vitali's partially torn left shoulder tendon, which shredded around round four, and had him throwing half as many jabs as normal--but instead he doubled down on dumb. At the post-fight presser, Chisora jawed with another clown, David Haye. Haye talked his way into a bout with Wladimir last year, and promised he'd inflict all types of pain and suffering on the younger brother. Instead, the pain and suffering was felt by watchers who had to watch 12 rounds of Haye doing all he could to avoid punishment, and then blame his showing on an injured pinky toe. His performance was the modern day fightgame standard of all talk, no action.

These days, he's angling for a fight with Vitali, and most fight fans seem opposed to his desire, quite rightly pointing out that he'd swindled fans against one Klitschko, and what's to stop him from doing it again?

So, after Klitschko advisor Bernd Bonte told Haye that he couldn't talk himself into a fight with the big bro, and that he should fight Chisora instead, with the winner to meet Vitali, Haye, holding what looks to be a bottle of beer, and Chisora jawed at each other at the presser in Munich, and then advanced at each other. Haye cracked Chisora, which is bad in itself, but he upped the ante when he did so with a bottle in his hand, if video and photos and Chisora's comments are to be believed. A spray of liquid exploded when Haye threw a right hand, and then one can hear a clatter which could be the bottle dropping on the floor. There is scuffling for a bit, and then Hate grabs a camera tripod, and tries to brain Chisora with it. (Lord, the pro fighter doesn't have enough confidence in his fists, and feels the need to use a weapon, or weapons? Weak stuff. Course, Haye's best right hand didn't drop or even buzz Chisora, so...)

"He glassed me!" Chisora yells when a semblance of order is restored. "I swear to God, David, I'm going to effin shoot you. I'm coming to physically shoot David Haye."

Meanwhile, Klitschko takes it all in, with a wide grin. Haye's trainer Adam Booth, with blood dripping from a cut on his forehead on left eyebrow, prolongs the commotion, telling Chisora that he was the one with the bottle, which Chisora denies. "You're a liar and bitch," yells Booth at Bonte, for good measure.

"If David don't fight me, I'm going to physically burn him," Chisora tells Booth. "You tell him that. His entourage ain't got nothing on my entourage." We're sure there are plenty of knuckleheads in each crew, if they follow the lead of their crew chiefs...

The next day, Bavarian police detained and questioned Chisora, before releasing him, Reuters said, and are contemplating lodging assault charges. They looked for but didn't find Haye at his hotel, and the boxer didn't depart on his scheduled flight at the Munich airport, the Mail Online said. Munich police said they could follow up with UK authorities in regards to Haye.

That was the first black eye. The second one, the Campillo Affair, might have been worse, in some ways...Come back for Part II.

Here is the Chisora slap on Vitali

February, 17, 2012
Fight fans at times wish Vitali Klitschko and l'il brother Wladimir would let their pulses race, let the bile boil, show some spunk, instead of staying in focused mode for the entirety of their bouts. The Klitschkos focus is perhaps their greatest trait as boxers. They stay on message the whole three minutes of every round they fight, and never let their minds wander, or fall prey to letting their emotions--and I am assuming they have emotions here!--dictate their actions and tactics in a bout. didn't surprise me that Vitali didn't go ballistic when Dereck Chisora slapped him during the pose-off after the heavyweights weighed in in Munich this afternoon, ahead of their Saturday clash, which will be shown on the premium cabler EPIX (4:30 ET start, first bell at 5:05 ET). You will see in this video provided by EPIX that Klitschko absorbed the blow, which came after the two stood forehead to forehead for four seconds, looked like he might pounce and return fire, but then held off, and looked almost bemused. Here it is in slo-mo. One suspects he will look to make Chisora pay for the slap during the bout, a wise move considering a counterattack might have sparked a melee, and perhaps an injury which would've put the fight in jeopardy.

The bout will screen on a JumboTron in Times Square, as well.

VKlitschko-Chisora fight to screen in Times Sq.

February, 17, 2012
Times Square is a sanitized shell of what it used to be, but that area could be in for a flashback Saturday, because we could see an outbreak of violence. No, I don't have an advance notice of a wilding session by gangbangers during initiation or anything; rather, EPIX will show the Vitali Klitschko-Dereck Chisora heavyweight title fight, which takes place in Munich, on a JumboTron, on Broadway between 44th and 45th Streets. That showing kicks off at 4:30 PM ET.

Chisora (241.18 pounds) is a 15-2 Brit who could quite possibly be in over his head against the robotically talented Vitali (243.6 pounds), one of the most focused athletes the world has known. His concentration is epic, but we may well see it interrupted, because Chisora infuriated Vitali when he slapped him during the pose-off after the two weighed in Friday in Munich.

Chisora smacked him with his right hand, leaving a mark, and Klitschko (age 40; 43-2 record, with 40 KOs) had to be restrained from going at him then and there.

Klitschko, the WBC heavyweight champ, is risk-averse, like his little bro Wladimir, who owns the WBA, IBF and WBO belts. This Chisora affront might change his MO, make him fight like the scrap is something more than an ultra-physical chess match. We can hope...

I haven't yet been in Times Square when EPIX does this, but as a fight fan who wants to grow the sport, I love love love the JumboTron move. EPIX is a Viacom creation, and Viacom owns the 'Tron, so that's how this has come to fruition.