Kidd: 'Expectations were always high'

Jason Kidd says he's happy to have an owner who is willing to spend money on talented players. Steven Freeman/NBAE/Getty Images

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd could not comment on the team’s pending blockbuster trade for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry because of the NBA’s moratorium.

But when asked if expectations for the team were heightened as a result of likely roster upgrades, Kidd responded, "They were always high, and as a competitor you have one goal, and that’s to try to win a championship."

Kidd is entering his first year as a head coach. He still has a lot to learn, but his biggest challenge may be managing the big names and personalities he’ll have in the locker room.

"There’s only one name, and that’s the Nets," Kidd said. "That’s a big name, so yes, that’s the way I’m gonna coach the guys: It’s about the front of the jersey, not the back."

Kidd said it is big to have a team full of veterans "that have won or understand what it takes to win."

Kidd is glad to have an owner like Mikhail Prokhorov, who is willing to spend in order to win. Prokhorov is projected to pay $180 million for next season’s roster -- including an NBA-record $80 million in luxury taxes.

"We’re very lucky to have an owner like that, who wants to win, who wants to be competitive," Kidd said. "Again, my job is to put guys in position to be successful, and win games, so at the end of the day, hopefully we’re the last team standing."

Kidd said when he took the job he wanted the Nets to run and get easy baskets. That may be harder with veterans like KG, Pierce, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez, who prefer to play in the half court.

"We gotta go north and south. I don’t know what speed we’ll go on the treadmill, so we’ll see," Kidd said, prompting laughter from the media. "But we do have to go north-south. I don’t know if it’s gonna be at a level of 10, but hopefully it’ll be at a level above a five."