Two Net newcomers get high marks

The top five newcomers in the NBA, according to ESPN Summer Forecast? 1. Dwight Howard; 2. Andre Iguodala; 3. Kevin Garnett; 4. Josh Smith; 5. Paul Pierce.

That’s two Nets in the top five. Andrei Kirilenko even got one vote.

On the other hand, Pierce got 10 votes for worst newcomer, Jason Terry got five and Jason Kidd got three.

The prevailing thought, it appears, is that Garnett and Pierce will flourish in Brooklyn as "glorified role players." Both bring toughness and leadership, things the Nets lacked last season.

If Kidd does a nice job managing their minutes and keeps them fresh come the postseason, the Nets have a legitimate shot at making a deep run in the East.

But there are plenty of question marks surrounding the Nets -- including chemistry, health and Kidd’s inexperience.

It will also be interesting to see how Pierce meshes with Joe Johnson; can they co-exist?