Starting Five: So far, so good

Kevin Garnett and the Nets will tackle Day 3 of training camp on Thursday. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

DURHAM, N.C. –- Two days into camp, the Nets are bonding and having fun.

They’ve had a team dinner and even spent some time in the Duke University pool for some training.

On the court, they’ve started the process of molding their identity and installing their system.

“Fun, but tough,” Kevin Garnett said of how camp has gone so far. “Obviously we’re new, and we’re trying to get our feet under us, along with the system that Jason [Kidd] has given us. Lawrence [Frank] has a bunch of stuff that is in our defensive schemes. And it’s worked, man. We’re coming in here and he’s kicking our ass. It’s training camp. We’re at Duke for a reason.”

1. Right now: Billy King is stating the obvious but nevertheless the GM set the bar for the Nets this season. He says he believes the Nets’ window to win a title is this season.

"Now, this is the window -- this season," King said Wednesday. "We're going to see what we can do with this season, and then we'll see what next season brings."

2. The KG plan: Two days into camp we are still talking about what Kidd will do with Garnett’s minutes this season to keep him fresh. Kidd says he believes his experience managing his minutes the past few seasons will help him come up with a good plan.

Garnett joked about the situation when asked about Kidd using his own experience as a potential roadmap.

“I think Jason forgot last year,” Garnett cracked. “He got amnesia.”

Sounds like the Garnett playing-time plan is still a work in progress.

3. Hooked on Brook: Garnett has been playing a long time, but he’s never really played alongside a talented, skilled and young big man like Brook Lopez.

Garnett says he thinks Lopez could be the best big man he has ever played alongside. Here’s why.

4. No rush: The Nets are not in any rush to get Deron Williams back on the court for full contact. The Nets are playing it safe with the bone bruise in the point guard's ankle.

"There's no timetable," King said. "We don't play our first regular-season game till the 30th. There's no need to rush him back, so that's why there's no timetable."

5. What’s next: The Nets will go through their third day of camp here at Durham. Check back on the Nets blog and follow me on Twitter (@NotoriousOHM) for updates from today’s practice.