Brook in Brooklyn for first game since injury

NEW YORK -- Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez attended Thursday night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.

It is the first time Lopez has attended a game since suffering a season-ending broken foot injury Dec. 20 in Philadelphia.

Lopez, sporting crutches and a boot, didn’t conduct a formal news conference with reporters, but did say he’s been spending most of his time lying in bed, playing video games.

“He was at practice yesterday,” Deron Williams said. “It’s good to see him out and about. He said it’s only the second time leaving his house (since the injury). I just feel for him.

“He’s definitely been in good spirits, he’s had his family around, but it’s just been a tough couple years for him. It just seems like he can’t catch a break. We’re just praying for him and hoping for a speedy recovery.”

Said Kevin Garnett: “He came in the other day and I told him he looks like Logan (Wolverine). We always go back and forth with the Marvel Comics and I told him he looked like Wolverine with the non-shaved and the face. He looked like real Logan today. But it was good to see him. Good energy. The guys were excited to see him. Coaches, everybody, he lit the room up.”