King ranked No. 28 in #NBAfrontofficerank

ESPN’s first #NBAfrontofficerank has come to a close.

Here’s a look at how the Brooklyn Nets fared:

Mikhail Prokhorov owners’ ranking: 8

Jason Kidd coaches’ ranking: 18

Billy King executives’ ranking: 28

Overall front office ranking: 15

The most surprising ranking? Billy King. The only GMs below him? Milwaukee’s John Hammond and Detroit’s Joe Dumars. The reasoning of the majority of voters must be: Why did he mortgage all his future assets to build a $190 million team with a second-round ceiling? Hope for the future? Huh?

Maybe there’s some credence to that. Then again, the Nets have played .697 basketball since Jan. 1. And while King’s big moves (Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, the Boston Celtics blockbuster trade) haven’t exactly panned out as well as he probably hoped they would -- given their massive salary commitments and past performance -- his value signings have been excellent.

Shaun Livingston, Andray Blatche, Andrei Kirilenko (when healthy) and Alan Anderson have all produced at bargain prices. King also nailed the Mason Plumlee draft pick and the Marcus Thornton deal looks like a good one. It would be tough for any GM to come into a situation where his owner wants a championship in five years and the franchise is moving into the biggest market in the world.

King may not have been able to land Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard (not his fault), but he’s certainly taken on the challenge and done a pretty darn good job creating a playoff team that has generated some buzz since moving to Brooklyn. Third-worst GM in the NBA? Not seeing it.

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