Hollins: Deron and Brook are 'healthy'

The Nets are still about a month and a half away from training camp starting.

But Lionel Hollins is excited about having a healthy Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. In an interview with Newsday, the Nets coach said his point guard and center -– both coming off surgeries –- are healthy and working out.

“You can't be where you want to be unless you're healthy,” Hollins said, according to the newspaper. “And you can't get in shape unless you're healthy. If you are injured all summer, there's no way you can work out.

"Deron is healthy, Brook is healthy and they are both able to work out."

Williams underwent surgery on both of his ankles on May 27. Last season, Williams battled ankle injuries throughout the season starting from training camp. The hope is he can come into this year's camp healthy and start the season off feeling his best.

Lopez had surgery in December after breaking his right foot. He later had surgery in March on his left ankle. Lopez told reporters this week that he has been “fully cleared for play and everything about a week and a half ago now.”

This is all good news for the Nets’ newest coach.

“Conditioning is something they both will be able to work on as they move forward,” Hollins said. “And when you are in shape you can go out, and try things, and do things because naturally if you are successful, your confidence rises. That's the only way I look at it and that's my approach."